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Residents showcase talent at 25th annual Internal Medicine Research Day

Published: May 28, 2014
Aidan Jeffrey
From left: Professor emeritus Dr. David Sackett and Dr. Paul O’Byrne, chair of the Department of Medicine, at the 25th annual Internal Medicine Research Day

Resident researchers in the Faculty of Health Sciences showcased their accomplishments to peers and a large number of faculty members during the 25th annual Internal Medicine Research Day recently at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club.

The keynote speaker for the event was professor emeritus David Sackett, one of the world's leading authorities on evidence-based medicine, a founder of McMaster's medical school and an early supporter of this event. His talk was entitled: "The Tribulations of Not Doing Trials: Helping Smart Doctors Stop Prescribing Dumb Treatments".

"David is the most important and most impactful clinical scientist I have ever met, maybe in the past 40 years," said Paul O'Byrne, chair of the Department of Medicine, who introduced Sackett. "I don't know anyone who has changed the way we think about medicine and the way that we treat patients particularly in the evaluation of data and making decisions about the best quality of evidence than David has done."

The annual event allows residents, both core and subspecialty, to showcase their research and be recognized for excellence in clinical and scientific projects.

Winners of the oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations

  • Gold:

      Informed Discharge:  An Assessment of Patient Knowledge and Perspectives
    Nisha Fernandes, PGY3; Shuoyan Ning, PGY3; Winnie Chan, PGY2
    Faculty Supervisors:  Dr. Christian Kraeker, Dr. Ameen Patel, Dr. Anne Holbrook
  • Silver:

      Correlation Between Ionized, Unadjusted Total, and Albumin-Adjusted Calcium in the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program:  Is it Time to Abandon the Traditional Corrected Calcium Formula?
    Oren Steen, PGY5
    Faculty Supervisors:  Dr. Andrew Don-Wauchope, Dr. Catherine Clase
  • Bronze:

      Management of Patients with Pacemakers and Defibrillators Undergoing Radiation Therapy
    Rebecca Mathew, PGY2
    Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Healey

Scientific posters

  • First Place:

      Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Frozen Plasma Usage after Introduction of Prothrombin Complex Concentrates:  A Retrospective Study
    Andrew Shih, PGY5; Shuoyan Ning, PGY3
    Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Crowther
  • Second Place:

      Venous Thromboembolism in Large Vessel Vasculitis
    Sankalp Bhavsar, PGY5
    Supervisor:  Dr. Nader Khalidi
  • Honourable Mention:

     Prescription Patterns for Vitamin D in Elderly Patients Admitted Under a General Internal Medicine Service
    Gillian Mazzetti, PGY5
    Supervisor: Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou

Clinical posters

  • First Place:

      Autoimmune Autonomic Ganglionopathy:  a Rare Cause of Pandysautonomia
    Ali Iqbal, PGY2; Mohammed Tawhari, PGY3
    Supervisor:  Dr. Steven Baker
  • Second Place:

      Ectopic ACTH syndrome - An Unusual Suspect for Profound Immunosuppression
    Winnie Chan, PGY2; Karan Bami, MD Program; Oren Steen, PGY5
    Supervisor:  Dr. Ally Prebtani
  • Honourable Mention:

      The Blue Man: a Case of Methemoglobinemia Seconary to Chronic Dapsone Therapy
    Siraj Mithoowani, PGY1; Lindsay Melvin, PGY3
    Supervisor: Dr. Tim Karachi

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