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Metabolism & Childhood Obesity Research Program

Childhood Obesity Research

A team of McMaster University researchers and McMaster Children's Hospital clinicians have banded together to address the epidemic of childhood obesity.

The team is called the MAC-Obesity Research Program, as a short form for Metabolism And Childhood Obesity Research Program. Its members include laboratory researchers from McMaster University and clinicians from Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster studying pediatric obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders and cancer.


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Gregory Steinberg and Katherine Morrison
MAC-Obesity research program co-directors Gregory Steinberg and Katherine Morrison

Obesity is a disorder of complex etiology — consisting of a web of individual, family, community and societal factors that underpin its development. Equally challenging to the medical community are the diverse yet interconnected diseases ranging from asthma, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease that obesity precipitates. With one in four Canadian children and adolescents currently affected by obesity there is an urgent need to develop new strategies for both preventing and treating obesity and related disorders.

Gregory Steinberg, PhD, and Katherine Morrison, MD, are the co-directors of the Metabolism And Childhood (MAC) Obesity Research Program. This program has been established by McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences with more than 30 researchers and clinicians to integrate basic and clinical research to address the major impact childhood obesity has on our society.Our multidisciplinary expertise extend from cellular metabolic systems to patient populations enabling the implementation of a wide array of methodological platforms to address the challenge and health complications associated with pediatric obesity. The MAC-Obesity Research Program is focused on translating world leading basic science into clinical practice to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of obesity related health issues in children which will have a major impact on improving health along the entire lifespan.