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Welcome Health Science Graduate Students! We would like to introduce ourselves and hope that we get to know you over the next few months.

We are the Health Sciences Graduate Students Federation (HSGSF) and represent students from all departments of the Health Sciences program. The HSGSF is a council of Grad students that works to make your graduate experience at McMaster more rewarding. Our aim is to facilitate opportunities for you to meet your fellow grad students, make contacts and have fun!! We organize a variety of activities from monthly coffee houses to academic seminars and social events which we hope you will take advantage of.

We always welcome participation by graduate students and if you are interested in helping, please email Aravin or Lindsay. We hope that your experience as a graduate student in the Faculty of Health Sciences is a great one! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact any of the HSGSF members below.

Name Position Program Email
Aravin Sukumar Co-president Med Sci
Lindsay DoHarris Co-president Med Sci
Rhandi Senaratne Secretary Med Sci
Manisha Sickand Social Rep Med Sci
Tamara Krneta Social Rep Med Sci
Imtisal Al-Bondokji Academic Rep Med Sci
Sandy Gill Academic Rep HRM
Kim Phan Academic Rep Med Sci
Ali Al-Hashimi Academic Rep Med Sci
Gaya Amirthavasar HRM Rep HRM
Laura Hayos OT/PT Rep OT/PT
Lauren Gienow OT/PT Rep OT/PT
Amanda Giesler St. Joseph's Rep Med Sci
Brent Humber Athletic Rep Med Sci
Maple Liu Athletic Rep Med Sci
Aliyah Nissar GPCC Rep Med Sci
Jennifer Lee Biochemistry Rep Med Sci
Laura Ramsingh Med Sci Rep/Orientation Rep Med Sci
Nirooya Siva Promotional and Communications Rep Med Sci
Karan Shah General Council Member HRM
Emily Hayes General Council Member Med Sci hayesk@mcmaster.cav

Jessie Chau

Media Connections Rep

Med Sci