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How to Make an Effective Presentation

What is the hidden value of oral and poster presentations? How do they help to develop other aspects of your research? Slides from one of Dr. Sandy Raha's interactive sessions "How to make an effective presentation: The hidden message" can be found here.

"Tips for Charting the Course of a Successful Health Research Career"

How does a young researcher begin their career in today’s competitive workplace? Dr. Lawrence Mbuagbaw provides students with some tips for a successful health research career and offers some insight on useful resources. Lawrence is a faculty member at McMaster University’s Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

"How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal"

Anthony Newman is a Senior Publisher with Elsevier, and is based in Amsterdam. His presentation on "How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal" provided students with insight into the publishing process, and in particular outlined the steps that need to be taken before starting to write a paper, how to plan to write a manuscript in a logical sequence, and understanding what aspects of a paper Editors and Publishers will look at critically. Areas of publishing ethics, plagiarism, and duplicate publishing were also discussed.

Guide for Exploring Opportunities Outside of Academia

What do PhD or MSc students do if they don’t want to stay in academia? This guide for exploring opportunities outside of academia has been prepared by Diego Garzón, a PhD graduate from the McMaster Health Sciences program. After completing his studies, Diego has had various roles both within the pharmaceutical industry and away from it. Since his time away from academia he has been able to network and speak with graduate students in various careers and has shared some of his insights in this document.

Graduate Supervisor Questionnaire

This Graduate Supervisor Questionnaire is intended to be a guide to help incoming students in finding out important information about essential characteristics of graduate studies, and identifying potential supervisors and research groups that will ensure the most beneficial partnership between all parties involved. This questionnaire is based on feedback received from current Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) graduate students at McMaster University, in particular, what they thought was important when choosing a supervisor, what they wish they asked before making a decision, and what advice they would give to incoming students.  We believe that, after modifying some questions to reflect your particular area, these questions will be applicable to applicants to most of theresearch programs as well.

Writing a Successful Scholarship Application

Tips for Writing a Successful Scholarship Application has been prepared by the Health Sciences Graduate Students Federation.

Writing a CIHR-Style Grant

Graduate students in the health sciences are frequently required to write CIHR-Style Grants. Dr. Beattie has experience reviewing graduate student scholarship applications to CIHR. In the presentation "Preparing a Successful Graduate Student Award Application", she has shared some of her experiences and ideas that may help you to write a successful application.

Cost of Living

The purpose of this document is to provide you with helpful tools and information that will assist you in determining your costs of living in Hamilton, ON, while attending a graduate program at McMaster University. Please note that although we did our best to include most common items that you will need to pay for, the list is not all inclusive and the amounts are estimates and actual costs may vary.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students

Missed the recent Academic Writing for Graduate Students Workshop and looking for further resources? A copy of the Academic Writing for Graduate Students Workshop presentation is available here. Additional resources are also available to all graduate students:

  • A number of academic skills resources may be found online here.
  • Students seeking one-on-one help or who have additional questions are welcome and encouraged to speak to a Writing Assistant at the Student Success Centre. Writing Assistants are available throughout the week and by appointment. Students can make an appointment through OSCARplus by following this path: Appointments --> Student Success Centre Appointments --> Academic & Writing.