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Summer Term Courses

Summer Term (May – August)

All students are required to attend Global Health *710, a Global Health Learning Symposium and Field Orientation in India with students from partner universities, including seminars by experts in global and public health, student presentations on selected research topics, and fields visits to sites that involve aspects related to global health.
After the Learning Experience in India, students will proceed to their field placements or continue with their thesis research. The field placements can be anywhere from four weeks to two months depending on the student's learning objectives.



GLOB HTH *710 Global Health Learning Symposium and Field Orientation

The objective of this course is to consolidate collaboration and decision-making in transcontinental teams. All students are required to complete this course, which includes the following components:

  • Global Health Symposium requires each student to submit an abstract and present the plan for his/her scholarly paper/thesis research project in a real life, peer reviewed environment. The presentation is interactive and students are challenged to integrate critical feedback from interdisciplinary faculty members and experts in the global health field, as well as from their peers.

  • Field Orientation is designed to deepen critical thinking and practice interviewing in a real life setting. It provides the opportunity to enhance assessment and cross-cultural working skills and learn about and practice systems mapping in a diverse and complex environment. The experience includes field visits and small group work, report writing and presentations, and allows an opportunity for personal reflection.
GLOB HTH *711 Scholarly Paper (For students in the M.Sc. Course Work Option)

This course is designed as an opportunity for students to demonstrate in writing, their ability to integrate ideas that reflect current knowledge in Global Health. Students will identify a topic, and in consultation with a faculty member, develop a proposal that is individualized to their area of interest. Students will complete a 15-20 page written scholarly essay on an approved topic. It is crticial to the course-based MSc students to demonstrate a mastery of the theoretical and methodological understandings that have been acquired during the course work.

GLOB HTH *712 Global Health Practicum

This course is designed to allow the student to tailor learning to a selected practicum in clinical, education, research or administration, which meets their specific educational needs. Students must work with an approved public or private organization working in a field of global health either locally or internationally. The placement links the theory, the concepts, and health research methods taught in the program to real life-practices.


Fall & Winter Terms

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