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Our Faculty thrives on a team approach to health care that goes beyond the tenet of various professionals interfacing with the patient and family. This approach represents a true partnership between the community and the University. Within McMaster's health care group is a broad spectrum of staff, faculty, students, alumni and community supporters, and our clinical partners.

As a part time faculty member, you play a pivotal role in educating our students and in achieving the Faculty's goal of providing tomorrow's health care leaders.

In the tabs below is information that you may find helpful as you continue your career as a part time faculty member within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

  • Benefits/Resources
  • Appointment Renewal
  • Promotion
  • Full Time Positions
  • Policies


There are many advantages of holding a part time appointment in the Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition to numerous teaching and educational opportunities, as a part time faculty member you have access to various university services.

At the bottom of your letter of appointment from the Dean, you will see your McMaster ID number, your MacID and your barcode. You will require this information to activate your MacID which will enable you to access various McMaster University services.

Please note: If you received your appointment letter prior to December 2015, you will need to contact your department for your barcode and MacID.

MAC ID & McMaster Email

To access McMaster email and library services, you will need to activate your MAC ID using this tool: [Activate MAC ID]

Once your MAC ID has been activated (which can take up to 24 hours), you can then initiate your email account.

If you have any questions regarding your access to McMaster services, or require any assistance, please contact your academic department.

Library Access

The online collections of the McMaster library system can be accessed through your MAC ID.

For onsite borrowing privileges, you will require a Working at McMaster Photo ID card issued by University Technology Service (UTS).

Tuition Bursary for Dependants

Part time faculty who have held an appointment for at least 3 consecutive years and who have provided a minimum of 270 hours of educational contributions each year are eligible to apply for the dependent bursary for McMaster University undergraduate and graduate programs.


Please note: those appointed at the rank of Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) or Lecturer (Adjunct) are not eligible for bursary as their expected contribution level does not meet the above requirements.


Dependent Bursary Submission Process for Eligible FHS Part Time Faculty


  1. Eligible faculty members must complete the Dependent Bursary form linked here and submit to their Department Coordinator
  2. Department Coordinator to confirm the Faculty member has provided a minimum of 270 hours of educational contributions in each year of their current term.
  3. Once educational contributions are confirmed, the Department Coordinator must submit the form to
  4. Faculty Relations will confirm length of appointment and obtain the Dean’s signature
  5. Faculty Relations will notify the Human Resources Service Centre, via email, confirming eligibility and copy the Faculty member
  6. Faculty member’s dependent must then formally apply for the Dependent Bursary using Award Spring. Instructions are linked here:


For the complete Dependent Bursary policy, please see here:



Other Benefits:

Become a member of the University Club

Access our Athletic Facility

Part-time faculty are eligible for Employee or Corporate Mobile offers and preferred rate insurance.

Appointment Renewal

Prior to the expiry of your current academic appointment, you will be contacted by your academic Department regarding your eligibility for renewal of your appointment.

To be considered for reappointment, you must have fulfilled the criteria for reappointment including the expectations that were mutually agreed upon for your current appointment.

The department will provide you with a one page renewal form that you must complete and return by the specified due date. If you have not received a renewal form by January of the year that your current appointment expires, it is your responsibility to contact your academic department and request that the form be resent to you. Failure to complete and return the form on time will cause your appointment to lapse.

Once your completed form is received the Regional Campus (if applicable) and the Department will review your application. Once approved at the Department level, the request for renewal will be sent to the governing bodies of the School and upon final approval, a renewal letter will be sent out to the address provided on the renewal form. These renewal letters are issued in late May and take effect on July 1st.

Appointments can be renewed in increments of up to three years and there is no limit on the number of renewals.

Any questions regarding the renewal of your appointment can be directed to your department's Academic Coordinator.


Part time (non-adjunct rank) faculty members may be promoted to a higher rank. The promotion process will normally take place concurrently with reappointment and will follow that used by full time faculty with the exception that the approval process ends in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Part time faculty interested in promotion must contact their Department Chair/Associate Dean to discuss the numerous steps and deadlines involved with this process.

[Information regarding the full-time promotion process]

Please note, there is no provision for promotion for those appointed as an "Adjunct" (Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) or Lecturer (Adjunct). However, should a faculty member appointed at either of these ranks increase their educational contributions to a minimum of 100 weighted hours per annum, upon time of appointment renewal, the Department can submit a request that the faculty member be appointed as an Assistant Clinical Professor or Lecturer (Part-Time).

Full Time Positions

Part time faculty who are successful in obtaining a full time academic appointment at McMaster University will be appointed at the equivalent full time rank but will not be accorded tenure, CAWAR or permanence at the time of appointment.

Part time faculty who move to a full time position may be able to use some of their time spent as a part time faculty member to adjust their academic clock which determines eligibility for consideration for tenure, CAWAR or permanence. Appointees interested in taking advantage of this opportunity must discuss this with their Department Chair/Associate Dean.

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