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The Academic Clock

Appointment Start Date:

If your appointment letter from the President shows a start date of July 1st, then this date is also your Academic Start Date.

If your appointment letter from the President shows a start date that is not July 1st, then your Academic Start Date is the following July 1st

If you are converting from a CLA to a tenure track, teaching track or special position, and have negotiated that you receive “credit” for your time as a CLA, your academic start date will be modified to reflect this credit. (See Section VIII, Clause 3 e).

Academic Start Date:

Once “set”, your academic start date does not change. You can however, manipulate the academic clock to shorten or lengthen the time before mandatory review for tenure/CAWAR/promotion.

Credit for prior experience

If you have had an academic appointment at another institution or extensive post-doctoral work or other relevant professional experience, you can negotiate that you receive academic credit for your prior experience.  This will be noted in your preliminary letter of offer and confirmed in your appointment letter from the President. This will reduce the amount of time you will need to wait before being reviewed for tenure/CAWAR/promotion.  This credit does not shorten the length of time you have to obtain tenure/CAWAR/Permanence or promotion.

Pregnancy/Parental Leave

Section VI of SPS C4, Pregancy/Parental Leave Policy for Faculty and MUFA Librarians allows for faculty members who have or are eligible to take a parental leave in connection with the birth or adoption of a child to have academic decisions (i.e. Tenure, CAWAR or Permanence reviews) delayed for one year.

As a result of your leave, a one year deferral will automatically be applied to upcoming academic reviews. This extenstion to your academic eligibility will be noted in your academic record.

Should you wish to not use this deferral of your academic review, you must contact your Department Chair in writing, during the leave period. Once your non-deferral request is received by your Department Chair, it will be forwarded to the Dean and will subsequently be confirmed in writing via a letter from the President. This non-deferral is not considered to be accepted by you until you sign and return the President’s letter.


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