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Current Research Studies in Health Ethics and Research Ethics

Project title: A Multi-Centre Trial of the Reliability, Validity and Utility of the EHCQ-2 (Ethics and Health Care Questionnaire, Version 2) to Evaluate Medical Students’ Ethical Sensitivity

Principal investigator: Lynne Lohfeld

Co-investigators: Lisa Schwartz, Kevin Eva, John Goldie, Jill Morrison

Funding agency: Medical Council of Canada (no ID number yet)

Title: (P.I.: D. Willison) “Understanding Canadians’ attitudes & exceptions re: privacy, access to data, and health research – a comparison of survey & citizens’ dialogue methods.”

Funding Source and Program Name: CIHR Understanding Canadians’ Attitudes and Expectations re: Privacy, Access to Data, and Health Research

Title: (P.I.: L Schwartz) “Proposal for an ethical and legal framework for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance “National Retrospective Tissue Microarray Resource for Breast Cancer”

Funding Source and Program Name: CBCRA/NCIC

Project Title: The Development of New Conceptual Paradigms Responding to Privacy and Access Challenges in Health Research

Principal Investigator: Gibson E (Dalhousie)

Co-Investigators: Downie J (Dalhousie), Kephart G (Dalhousie), Schwartz L (McMaster), Willison D (McMaster)

Funding Agency: CIHR/Strategic Initiative RFA

Project title: The Function of Academic Research Ethics Boards in governing privacy, confidentiality and security issues in health-related studies making use of personal information.

Principal Investigator: Willison D (McMaster)

Co-investigators: Brazil K (McMaster), Coughlin M (McMaster), Gibson E(Dalhousie), Peladeau P (IRCM, Montreal)Schwartz L (McMaster),

Funding agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Project Title: Evaluating reasoning and Evidence Used to Assess Challenging Health Technologies in Ontario Appeal Board Cases

Principal Invesitgator: Giacomin M (McMaster)

Co-Invesitgators: Flood C (Toronto)

Funding Agency: CCOHTA

Project Title: Privacy & use of personal information for health research: Comparing attitudes & expectations among people with selected stigmatizing conditions and with the general public

Principal Investigator: Willison, D.

Co-Investigators: Schwartz, Lisa; Valerie Steeves; David Northrup; Thabane, Lehana,

Funding Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

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