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Furniture Move & Bulk Disposal Guidelines

Internal Moves

An internal move pertains to any move from one FHS internal HSC location to another for office moves, items to storage, disposal of furniture or bulk items. Movement of items to and from other locations (eg.: MDCL & campus locations) should be done by contacting Campus Facility Services at Ext. 24740 or hiring an external move company. To hire an external move company, please call Ext. 20243. External Move rates are not covered under these guidelines. Please call for a quote.

Moves can only be requested by completing the Furniture Move / Disposal Request Form and emailing it to: .

Problems or concerns, contact pager 1038.

When completing the form please be sure to include the following information:

  • Specific details on what is being moved (list items and quantities)
  • Indicate items that need disassembly/assembly
  • Label all items with office location being moved to and from / for disposal
  • Label all items for disposal
  • All items must be ready to be moved -filing cabinets and bookcases must be emptied, desk drawers emptied, everything boxed and labeled
  • Departmental chartfield string (account no.)
  • Please Note: Furniture Moves cannot be directly charged to FHS research accounts by Corporate Services. Requests submitted using a research account will not be processed. (i.e.: Legacy FAS accounts beginning with an 8)

Due to a strict schedule, make certain that you are ready on move day. Movers will not remove/dispose of contents or pack for you. Please be respectful of the movers. If you require additional items to be moved not previously requested, you must submit a new request form.

Items To Be Stored In MM Level Cage:

All items sent to storage are for use/recirculation by all departments in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Items are not typically held, however, upon special request/approval, items may be held up to 6 months. After the 6 months, if the item is not claimed, it will be made available for general use.

Disposal of Furniture/Equipment/Bulk items


We are all responsible for proper waste disposal to reduce the financial and environmental impact to the University. We must comply with Ontario Fire Code requirements and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. For disposal of items, please complete the furniture move disposal request form and email it to:

Please allow one – two weeks’ notice. When planning a purge of your area or disposing of items, please plan ahead and do not leave items in hallways. This is against fire code and fines from the Fire Marshall may apply.

Furniture moves will pick up your item(s) and ensure it gets to the proper area or disposal bin. Due to an increase in bin and waste management costs, there is a $20.00 fee charged to departments/areas for disposal of larger / bulk waste items.

Computer Equipment

Do not leave computer equipment of any kind in hallways or corridor; it will not be picked up. Request pick up by emailing the furniture move / disposal request form to and arrangements will be made to dispose of this equipment in an environmentally friendly way.


All glass items for disposal must be rinsed out and placed in a card board box, labeled “glass” or “broken glass”. Request pick up by emailing the request form to Or place the properly labeled box in the nearest waste holding area.

Fridge/Freezers/Water Coolers

An Engineering work request must be placed to come and remove the Freon. Once this has taken place, Engineering will then arrange to remove the freezer

Battery Pick Up

Used batteries must be placed in the battery boxes supplied Waste Management, Ext. 73491. When the battery box is full, request for pick up by emailing the furniture move / disposal request form to

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are picked up on a regular basis from the Waste Holding Areas for recycling. However, if you have bulk delivery of items, you must ensure the company that delivers and unpacks the equipment takes away the packaging - including cardboard. Customer Support Services/Sodexo does not take large pieces of cardboard

Hours of Operation:

Large furniture items/office moves are scheduled on Tuesdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and on Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. There are no movers available on Fridays. One to two weeks’ notice is required; otherwise your move or disposal request may not be accommodated. In emergency situations only, we may be able to accommodate your request under special consideration by contacting Ext. 20243. Outside movers may be brought in on Fridays by request only; however, a fee for service will apply.

Internal Furniture Mover Rates:

15 minutes - $6.50

30 minutes - $13.00

60 minutes - $26.00/ and for each additional hr.

Disposal Fee (Larger items/Bulk) $20.00

Cancellation of Movers:

Cancellation of a move/request requires 24 hours’ notice. A $10.00 cancellation fee will apply, if no notice is given.

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