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Functional Genomics has emerged as a relatively new field within the area of genomic research. It presents a platform on which to investigate the biochemical and biological function of gene products, namely proteins. The function of specific proteins is governed by their enzymatic activity and biochemical properties. By determining their function, we can gain a greater understanding of protein participation at both the cellular and organismal level. From signal transduction to tissue development, the role of proteins in the functioning of all life forms may one day be realized. To fully analyze the protein products of genes, technological innovations such as bioinformatics and computational biology must be employed. However, there exists a lack of technology that would permit rapid identification of the biological role of specific genes. The central focus of the Centre for Functional Genomics, along with investigation into gene products, is to develop such technologies.


The vision of MOBIX, the McMaster Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, is to develop a world-class centre for life science and translational research. MOBIX makes use of the most recent advances in basic and applied molecular biology and develops these findings into diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in human health. MOBIX consists of four centres, including the Centre for Functional Genomics. Each centre maintains its own experimental and development goals while maintaining a common vision under MOBIX.

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