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Health Utilities Group

Over the last twenty years, the Health Utilities Group (HUG) has been dedicated to the study of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) in the general public and in special populations. HUG began with the development of a family of generic preference-based HRQL measures, the Health Utilities Index (HUI), a multi-attribute health status classification system.

The HUI2 system is used to evaluate outcomes resulting from treatments for childhood cancer. The HUI3 has been used in the assessment of population health status in many important surveys, including the Ontario Health Survey, the 1994-2011 National Population Health Survey and a number of cycles of the Canadian Community Health Survey.

Most recently a comprehensive health status classification system based on HUI2 and HUI3 suitable for assessing the health of pre-school children, the Health Status Classification System - Pre-School, was developed, and work is underway to provide a preference-based scoring system for it.

These instruments continue to support an array of research in: treatment process and outcomes in clinical studies, cancer survivorship, population health studies, and economic evaluation of health care services.

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