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When does the application open and close?

This varies year-to-year. As soon as dates are finalized, they are posted on the MPH program website. For the 2018-2019 academic year, applications will open on Monday, October 15, 2018 and close on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline. Apply now.

All requirements including completed references must be received by the application deadline in order for it to be considered a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

How do I apply?

All applications are now done online, including all documents. Click here or the “Apply Now” button on any page it is located to go to the application portal, or you can go to the Grad Studies website “How to Apply” section and follow the steps by clicking the link here.

I am an undergraduate-can I apply?

Yes, we welcome undergraduate applications. In the event you are offered conditional admission to the program, you would be required to provide official transcripts and possibly a copy of your degree as proof of graduation.

How many applicants do you get per year, and for how many spots?

Our program is very competitive and gets over 400 applications per year for 25 FT and 5 PT spots.

Where can I get more information on the program?

Please see the program website for more information here.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

Please email your questions to

Can I meet with the program faculty if I have questions?

Due to the high volume of applicants during the admissions season, we do not offer office hours for applicants. However, we do offer Webinars with the Program Director where you can ask questions. Please see webinar dates here.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. Please direct your questions to

Do I have to know if I want thesis or practicum stream when I apply?

No, you do not have to choose a stream until the end of the first semester of the program

How does the program run? Are there any semesters off?

There are no semesters off during the MPH program. How long it takes depends on whether you are full-time or part-time, and if you choose a practicum or thesis stream. In Yr. 1 you take courses in both Fall and Winter Semesters, then for the practicum stream you have your practicum in the Spring/Summer semester, and thesis students are expected to start  on their thesis. In Yr. 2 you come back for Fall courses and then you are done in December-this is 16 months. Thesis students would have until the following spring, so a total of 24 months, unless you choose to finish and defend your thesis early. Part-time students can take up to 4 years to complete their degree.

Online Application Tips

  • The online application must be completed section by section-it typically will not let you move to the next section until one section has been completed. Make sure that you complete each section in full before submitting your application so that you may be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Ensure that you click on the “Pay Fee Now” button to pay your application fee, then click on the “Submit Application” button. After submitting, within a few days you will receive an email acknowledging your submission.
  • You may require technical support with the online application or eReference system. Please note that McMaster School of Graduate Studies is closed from December 24 - January 3 inclusive and the technical support email account will not be monitored during this time. Please be assured that we will respond to technical support request messages received once the university reopens in January.
  • If you paid your application fee but are unable to submit as a “Application Deadline has passed” error occurs, please try to login to your application using a different browser
  • You may save your application at any point, allowing you to partially complete the process (if necessary) and return to it later.
  • Be sure to have a valid credit card (MasterCard) or Interac card ready for the application fee ($100 CAD) and a valid email address.
  • It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete an application. For security reasons, you will be logged out of the online application if you take more than 45 minutes on any one page.
  • Applications from outside Canada should be completed at least five months before the desired date of entry, to allow for any delays and for obtaining the necessary visa.
  • Please ensure that you have PDF copies of your documents ready to upload. PDF documents should be unlocked and not password protected.
  • Individual file size should NOT exceed 5MB and the total file size of all uploaded documents should NOT exceed a maximum of 10MB.


Make sure you have uploaded all your required documents BEFORE submitting your application

Please refer to this page under ‘“Required Documents” to ensure you have uploaded everything you need PRIOR to submitting your application.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

I uploaded all documents, but my status still says “Initiated”

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they have uploaded all required documents. Due to the high volume of applicants, we cannot contact individuals if they have forgotten to upload a required document and incomplete applications will not be considered. The program is responsible for changing the “Initiated” status. Once we have received all your documents and references from your referees, we will change your status to “Complete”. If you are still seeing “Initiated” and you know you uploaded everything, that typically means that your referees have not supplied us with their reference yet.

What do I need to apply?

Please see the Applications Process page of this website here.

Which Math/Stats course do I need for the requirement? Do I need to have a B+?

Due to the volume of courses that meet this requirement, we are unable to list any. As the MPH program involves learning and demonstrating quantitative skills, applicants must demonstrate basic ability in this discipline to be academically successful. A B+ is the minimum criteria for all applicants.


You will need to have a 4-year Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) with at least a B+ from an accredited university (equivalent to a McMaster 9 on McMaster's 12 point scale) in the most recent senior level courses. GPA calculations are typically performed using the most recent and relevant 30 unit courses (at most institutions this is 10 courses) completed at the 300 or 400 level (senior level courses). If there are not enough senior level grades available at the time of calculation, GPAs may be calculated using 200 level courses on a case-by-case basis. 

We receive a lot of questions such as ‘Would this course (specific course listed here) meet the Math/Stats requirements? Please be advised that we cannot recommend specific courses, as there are far too many schools, courses and applicants to be able to do this. Emails requesting a specific course review for qualification will not receive a reply. Your transcripts will be reviewed for academic requirements at the time of application.


Tuition Fees - 2018-2019


    All levels

    Full-time           $4,341.08 per term (13,023.24 annually) plus Flat fee FT Supplementary fees $997.06

    Part-time           $1,273.38 per 3 unit course plus Flat fee PT Supplementary fees $585.56

International VISA

Level 1
Full-time           $11,622.00 per term (34,866.00 annually) plus Flat fee FT Supplementary fees $997.06

Level 2
Full-time           $11,191.56 per term (33,574.68 annually) plus Flat fee FT Supplementary fees $997.06

Level 1
Part-time           $3,409.08 per 3 unit course plus Flat fee PT Supplementary fees $585.56

Level 2
Part-time           $3,282.81 per 3 unit course plus Flat fee PT Supplementary fees $585.56

Please visit the Student Accounts website for updated tuition fees.

Scholarships and Funding

The MPH program does not offer any department funded scholarships, but there may be related internal or external funding opportunities available for which you can apply. There are no international scholarships offered by the MPH program at this time. For more information on scholarships, please see the School of Graduate Studies website

  • CGS-M
    The Canadian Graduate Scholarship program provides financial support to high-caliber scholars who are engaged in eligible Master’s or Doctoral programs in Canada. This support helps to allow these scholars to fully concentrate on their studies in their chosen fields. For more information, please see the Grad Studies website here.

  • OGS
    The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program provides funding to students in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels. These scholarships will be offered to applicants chosen from our pool of successful top applicants who are offered admission and do not require a separate application.

  • International Students can also look at the International Student Services website for more information.

Do you have student funding for this program?

Our program currently has limited funding opportunities. Full-time students who are eligible may apply for OSAP. Students are eligible for certain stipend amounts dependent upon thesis or practicum streams and can also look for other external outside sources at this link here.


I have been out of school for a long time-Do I still need 2 academic references?

We still require 2 academic references that speak to your academic performance. However, we know how difficult it is for working professionals to get these references when they have been out of school for an extended time. All requirements including completed references must be received by the application deadline in order for it to be considered a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


  • One must be a teacher or professor for a course you have taken (this can include continuing education).
  • The 2nd reference may be a work supervisor (someone who monitors your performance) who has an academic appointment, who can speak to your academic abilities.

The referee must clearly indicate their academic appointment status in their reference.

How and when are my referees contacted?

When you do your online application, you will be asked to enter the email addresses of your referees. Once you have submitted your full application and paid your application fee, they will be sent a link to the Reference form, which they will fill out and submit. They also have the option of attaching a separate letter of reference during that process. The information then comes directly to the program.

Important note: All documents, including the online application, supporting documents, reference letters and payment of application fee is required by the application close deadline. Referees will receive the emailed e-reference form from the system after the applicant has submitted the application and paid the application fee.

What if my referee cannot access the eReference form?

If your referees cannot access the form from the link, then please download the eReference form here. Please ask your referee to send us the completed form directly to us with any attached letters of reference to


I have IELTS or TOEFL test results-how do I fill out the charts?

Please use the drop down box to choose "IELTS" in the Test and Language Scores area. You need to have 5 rows-one for each module and then one for the Overall results. Please fill in your numerical scores for each module and also for your Overall score. Your IELTS or TOEFL scores must also be uploaded in the Document Upload section.

Please see an example IELTS chart below.



To best represent our population, we welcome applications from Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) learners via our Facilitated Indigenous Admissions Program (FIAP). All applications received through the FIAP are reviewed exclusive of the general applicant pool.

Applicants who wish to be considered under the Indigenous application process must submit the Self-Identification Application in addition to their application to the Master of Public Health program.

Applications to the Self-Identification Application can be submitted here.

One self-identification application is used for all Faculty of Health Sciences programs that have a facilitated Indigenous admissions stream. The Self-identification Application must be completed by whatever the earliest deadline date is for the programs you have applied to.


Do I need a GRE exam?

You do not need a GRE exam for this program.

I am an international student-what do I need for admission to the MPH program?

The same requirements apply to international students as for domestic students; in addition, they must provide TOEFL or IELTS scores to meet the English language requirements and translated transcripts.


Having Technical Difficulties?

Send an email and include the details of your query. Please be sure to include details such as error messages and the name of the program to which you are applying. Screen shots are helpful.