Master of Public Health Program

Application Process for International Applicants

Apply NowThank you to everyone who applied to the MPH program for 2017-2018 academic year. Our application is now closed. Qualified and complete applications will be reviewed and admission invitations be sent out once all applications have been reviewed.

If the Admissions Committee approves the application, a recommendation is submitted to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Health Sciences) for approval. Successful candidates will receive a letter of offer from the Assistant Registrar of the School of Graduate Studies. All applicants are expected to respond within the specified time to the School of Graduate Studies when accepting or declining an offer. Applicants who cannot be placed will receive notification from the Chair of the Admissions Committee.

Material sent to support an application cannot be returned.

Financial Requirements

2017-2018 Tuition Fees-International-Visa

Level 1
Full-time           $10,761.12 per term ($32,283.36 annually) plus Flat fee FT Supplementary fees $967.43
Level 2
Full-time           $10,362.56 per term ($31,087.68 annually) plus Flat fee FT Supplementary fees $967.43
All levels
Part-time           $3,156.57 per 3 unit course plus Flat fee PT Supplementary fees $583.81

Unfortunately, at this time there are no scholarship, student loan or other funding opportunities for international students. For more information on Graduate School scholarships, please visit here.

Academic Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Master of Public Health program, applicants need to demonstrate the following:

  • Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree in Sciences or equivalent from an accredited university by time of entry into the MPH, or an approved professional degree (i.e., Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Nutrition, Rehabilitation Sciences, Pharmacy or Social Work – BSW or MSW).
  • B+ average in the final year of study
  • An undergraduate course in Statistics or Mathematics with at least a B+ grade to ensure appropriate quantitative ability for the epidemiology and biostatistics courses.

**International applicants with an MBBS or similar may still be considered but must still meet the final year grade requirement as well as the Stats/Math requirement.**

Required Documents

Please send the following items in support of your application:

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae
    Please upload your current CV during the application process.

  2. Transcripts
    Please upload scanned legible copies of your transcripts for the application review. If your application is recommended for admission to the program, you MUST provide an original transcript(s) of academic work completed to date at all post-secondary institutions attended, sent directly from the issuing institution(s). If the final transcript does not show that a completed degree has been conferred, an official copy of your diploma is also required. As well, material sent to support an application cannot be returned.

    Only copies of unofficial and official transcripts will be accepted. A Grade Report is not acceptable. All uploaded transcripts must contain:

    • Your name
    • Your student number (where applicable)
    • The full name of the issuing post-secondary institution
    • The name of the program you were/are enrolled in

    Transcript Language:

    • If a transcript is not in English, the applicant is responsible for providing an official translated version of the transcript.
    • Both the original untranslated transcript and the official translation are required. The only exception to this requirement is where the official translation is done by the institution (university) issuing the transcript.  The translation is acceptable.
    • Acceptable sources of translation include translations performed by a country consulate representative/notary public.

    Hints for scanning your transcripts

    1. Please ensure all files are in PDF format and are 5MB or less.
    2. If your transcripts are double-sided, and/or have shaded areas-Please place a white sheet of paper on the side not being scanned. This should cause the right side you are trying to scan coming out much more clearly.
    3. Check your scanned file for clarity before uploading to your application.

    If we can’t read it, it cannot be reviewed. Illegible documents can cause an applicant’s file to be dismissed before review, so please check your files before submitting your application.

  3. Two confidential academic letters of recommendation from instructors most familiar with your academic work.  Please note that McMaster University uses the Electronic Referencing System. By entering the email address of your referee through the online application, the system will automatically send an eReference request on your behalf. All requirements including completed references must be received by the application deadline in order for it to be considered a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Applicants with work experience can submit one additional (3rd) reference from an employer. Applicants should request that each referee address the following in their letters as they are able to comment:

    • Academic suitability for the MPH program
    • Applicant plans to make use of the MPH degree after graduation
    • Applicant fit with the McMaster MPH program in terms of terms of interest, self-direction and team work
    • Communication (written and verbal) and quantitative skills


    • One academic reference must be a teacher or professor for a course you have taken (this can include continuing education).
    • The  2nd reference may be a work supervisor (someone who monitors your performance) who has an academic appointment, who can speak to your academic abilities.

      The referee must clearly indicate their academic appointment status in their reference.

    Recommendations must be provided directly from the referees. References emailed through the applicant will not be accepted.

  4. Statement of Interest
    A written Statement of Interest must be included (maximum 750 words), which explains why the applicant is seeking graduate education in this program, demonstrates understanding and commitment to using the skills and knowledge to be gained in their future career and what the applicant would bring to the program such as prior experience in a field related to public health. The statement of interest must be uploaded into your application. We do not accept email or mailed submission of documents without prior consent of the department.
  5. TOEFL or IELTS score (if applicable)
    If English is not your native language, an official copy of your TOEFL score or IELTS test report form is required. 

    A minimum TOEFL (iBT) score of 92 (580 on the paper-based TOEFL test or 237 on the computer-based TOEFL test) or a minimum overall IELTS score of 65 is needed for the Faculty of Health Sciences (with at least 5.5 in each section).

    Students who have completed a post secondary degree from a program where the language of instruction is English are not required to provide a TOEFL or IELTS scores. Your transcript must state that the medium of instruction was English, otherwise you must supply a letter from the issuing institution on official letterhead stating that the medium of instruction for your degree program was English.

    Commonly asked questions for International Applicants

    • What are the application dates?
      Application dates are set late in each summer or early fall for the next year’s Sept. intake. The application season typically starts in late fall and goes until approximately the end of January or so-Every year is slightly different. Once dates are set, they will be posted on our website.
    • Do you have a Winter (January) start date or online program?
      We do not currently have a Winter intake or an online program. Our program has only one cohort that starts in Sept. of each year
    • I have an MBBS or other international medical degree-Can I apply?
      Yes, you can apply. Your must still meet the final year average of B+, as well as the Statistics/Math requirement of B+, and all other requirements in order to be considered.  All international grades are converted to Canadian equivalents in our office prior to calculating your average. You will still be in competition with all other applicants even if you hold an international medical degree.
    • How many applicants do you get, and for how many spots?
      Our program is very competitive and gets over 400 applications per year for 25 FT and 5 PT spots.
    • Can you evaluate my documents if I email them all to you?
      We cannot evaluate anything via email. Please do not send us any documents via email. Please upload all the required documents with your online application when it opens.
    • Can you use WES reports?
      We require your official transcripts with final grades in order to calculate your final year average