Master of Public Health Program

A Public Health Career

Why Now?

The 2003 SARS epidemic sparked an intense review of public health in Ontario and Canada. But threats to the public’s health continue. We are still faced with complex public health issues such as improving access to health care, controlling infectious diseases, and reducing poor health behaviors, environmental hazards, substance abuse, and injuries. With easy access to international travel, there is increased risk of global infectious disease pandemics.

Five Essentials

These trends have underscored the critical importance of public health and its five essential functions:

  1. Population health assessment,
  2. Health promotion,
  3. Disease and injury prevention,
  4. Health protection, and
  5. Health surveillance.

Current trends highlight the vulnerability of our public health infrastructure, the need for more comprehensive and responsive public health policies and programs, and the crucial role that public health knowledge translation and communication play.

The new Master of Public Health program at McMaster University will help ensure an adequate supply of public health professionals with the right knowledge, skills and relevant education and mentorship opportunities to revitalize Canada’s public health system.

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