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Here are the alumni of the Master of Public Health Program:

2017 |

David Absalom, FT
David is a recent McMaster graduate, earning his Honours BA in Health Studies in 2015. During his time in the Health Studies program, David's passion for Harm Reduction grew leading him to work with AIDS Service Organization such as the Hamilton AIDS Network. At the AIDS Network, David has been involved in the Needle Exchange Program, Health Promotion and Outreach for at risk populations. His undergraduate research included a review of the literature on barriers to implementing accessing Needle Exchange Programs in Canada (supervised by Dr. James Gillett).
Ghayah Aldossary, FT
I earned my Nursing from University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia (2011). I completed an advanced nursing practicum specializing in adult intensive care unit and operating room. While I worked as a registered nurse in adult medicine department, I became interested in improving the elderly care system designs with integration of clinical and community services. Prior to beginning of the MPH program, I obtained a graduate certificate in Healthcare Administration from St. Lawrence College in Kingston (2015), where I developed a capstone project in food safety risk communication analysis in relation to the application process of vending permits to Guelph’s special events. My experience volunteering with Immigrant Services of Guelph Wellington, Guelph Community Health Centre and the Canadian Mental Health Association, inspired my current research interests which include; primary care integration, health services research, immigrant health, program evaluation, health communication, health system performance, health policy and administration. I also aim to study more about the impact of nursing profession on population health by using qualitative methods to help develop an evidence based measures as well as interventions.
Saamiyah Ali-Mohammed, FT
Saamiyah is an MPH candidate with an interest in biostatistics and epidemiology. She was drawn to the field of public health because of research/work experiences in the areas of health equity and health promotion. Prior to joining McMaster University, she worked at a non-profit organization that delivered health promotion-based programs for vulnerable populations. As a result of these experiences, she strongly believes in the power of community programs and volunteer work. Saamiyah holds a BSc from the University of Toronto in Biology and Psychology. Her career aspirations and life goals are to improve health outcomes for high-risk populations. Saamiyah subscribes to a philosophy of working hard, smiling often, being yourself, and to never stop learning!
Safa Al-Khateeb
Safa Al-Khateeb, FT
I graduated from University of Toronto in 2012, with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience. My volunteer involvement on campus in health promotion and smoking cessation programs has fostered my interest in public health. Before beginning the MPH program at McMaster University, I was working as a research assistant at the McMaster Health Forum. The work experience allowed me to develop a better understanding of health policy and knowledge translation. I hope to continue working within this research niche of the public health sector, in particular, supporting the use of research evidence to make informed decisions for health systems in Canada and internationally.
Zuhoor Alqahtani
Zuhoor Alqahtani, FT
I have a Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia and have completed an internship rotating between oral surgery clinics and preventive dental clinics. Later I was assigned to work as a general dentist in the Medically compromised dental clinic at Prince Sultan Military Medical City until 2010. While practicing in the medically compromised clinic, I gained experience working with vulnerable population mainly; cancer and ICU patients. As a dentist, an essential part of my job was health promotion and patient education. Prior to the beginning of the McMaster MPH program, I completed training for the National Dental Examination Board at Western University. Also, I earned a certificate in Dental Practice Management from the University of Toronto in 2013. My overall aim is to achieve the highest level of knowledge and experience as well as integrate my existing clinical skills in the public health field. I have a passion for public health in general with a greater interest in epidemiology, Infectious disease and quality assurance. My research interest focuses on the use of systematic reviews to develop and update clinical practice guidelines.
Bria Barton
Bria Barton, FT
I am a recent graduate from Western University. I graduated with a BHSc. Honors specialization in Health Sciences. My research interests are constantly growing with each new experience I encounter. Some areas I would like to pursue further include maternal and child health, healthy public policy and epidemiology related to health equity. My volunteer and work experience is quite diverse and includes primary health care settings, research and the public service sector. Fun Fact: I’ve been told that I should hand model
Elisa Berg, FT
Joyce Chan, FT
Joyce Chan completed her undergraduate studies in McMaster University’s Arts and Science Program with combined honours in biology. From her academic courses, and volunteer experience with the TAPESTRY Health program, Joyce developed an interest in the determinants of health for senior populations. Her undergraduate thesis focused on the role of conversation-based activities for preventing the onset of delirium among hospitalized older adults. Current research and academic interests include the methods and processes behind developing innovative, evidence-based models of care to support healthy aging in Canadian communities. McMaster’s MPH program is providing Joyce with opportunities to develop her knowledge of health research methods, and to apply research evidence in decision-making and policy. In particular, Joyce is looking forward to applying this new knowledge when completing a master’s thesis on community health programs for older adults. Concurrently, Joyce is also working as a research assistant at a Toronto hospital. As part of the knowledge translation team, Joyce is gaining experience with gathering, appraising, analyzing, and communicating research evidence to inform the development of health tools and programs for older adults.
Timothy Duivesteyn, FT
Jessica Firman, FT
My name is Jessica, I was interested in the McMaster Master of Public Health program because it provides students in-class learning opportunities and practicums to gain experience over the summer. Prior to entering this program I graduated from McMaster with a combined Honours degree in Gerontology and Health Studies. My minor in Geography made me interested in public health as I developed an understanding of the spread of disease and how to prevent an outbreak. During this time I also worked with a research project that focused on the aging population in association with a technological device. We tried to reduce social isolation in this cohort by making modules and teaching seniors how to use an iPad while observing their progress. This experience influenced my personal research interests as I began to investigate the link between a cognitively enhancing iPad app and engagement in seniors with dementia. I hope to use the knowledge that I receive from the McMaster Master of Public Health program to target and resolve issues that the large older population is facing.
Kendra Habing
Kendra Habing, FT
Kendra graduated from McMaster University in 2015 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Specialization. While completing her undergrad, she worked as a researcher at McMaster’s Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disorders. As part of the Master of Public Health program, Kendra’s passions lie in health promotion and program planning. In her spare time, she enjoys cross-country running, spending time with her family, friends, and dog, as well as traveling to new places.
Tamika Jarvis
Tamika Jarvis, FT
Tamika graduated from McMaster University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Health Studies and a minor in Psychology. Tamika was a Coordinator for the Brock-McMaster Undergraduate Global Health Forum as well as a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society at Juravinski Cancer Centre. Tamika’s research interests include health policy, health systems strengthening and global health.
Mariam Kamel
Mariam Kamel, FT
Mariam Kamel is a Master of Public Health candidate at McMaster University with an interest in biostatistics and epidemiology. She graduated from the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University in April 2015 with distinction. For her Honors thesis project, she worked in a cardiology practice to examine the factors affecting patient compliance and risk factor modification. She was responsible for assessing the effectiveness of existing strategies, as well as devising and implementing new strategies. She also held the position of Library Research Peer Mentor, where she provided library research help to students of the Health Sciences Program. She was responsible for holding Library Research Help sessions and developing online learning tools to help students conduct research, such as "Step-by-Step Guide: How to approach a search" published on McMaster's Health Sciences Library website. Mariam is currently working on a research project examining article retractions in the HEI department at McMaster.
Danielle Kasperavicius
Danielle Kasperavicius, FT
Danielle holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University with concentrations in marketing, organizational behaviour, and psychology. At McGill, Danielle taught organizational behaviour and co-owned a dietary-friendly catering company. After completing her Bachelor of Commerce, she worked as a Recruitment & Placement consultant in Toronto, hiring for private and public healthcare agencies. Danielle’s research interests include food security and the built environment. She completed a research internship with Dr. Brian Elbel’s team at NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Population Health, where she assisted in investigating the impact of supermarket tax credits on food consumption in food deserts.
Kamran Khani, FT
Kamran holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Safety from Ryerson University and is currently completing a masters degree in Public Health. Prior to starting graduate studies, Kamran worked for Ryerson University’s Integrated Risk Management Office as an Environmental Health and Safety Assistant. In the summer of 2015, Kamran worked as a Research Assistant, where he planned, prototyped and built recreation and communication technology to overcome barriers for those with disabilities (non-verbal, limited hand movement or low-vision) to promote an accessible lifestyle. The projects were presented at the Accessibility Innovation Showcase in accordance with the 2015 Parapan Am Games in Toronto, Ontario. This was first-of-its kind event hosted by the Ontario government to raise the profile of accessibility.
Adam Ladak
Adam Ladak, FT
I am honoured to be a part of the inaugural Master of Public Health program at McMaster University. Prior to my entry, I graduated with an Honours BSc in Life Sciences from McMaster University. In my fourth year, I conducted an independent research study analyzing the effects of land uses and urbanization on the water quality of Grindstone Creek. The research project allowed me to develop an understanding for statistical and GIS software, highly utilized tools in the field of public health. My experience working at the Bone Wellness Centre guided my interest and pursuit for a career in public health. I played an active role in engaging with a large population of older individuals, discussing health promotion strategies and listening to narratives of healthy aging across the lifecourse. Moving forward, my career interests are within program implementation and evaluation. Analyzing programs through different perspectives (e.g. economic, social utility, equity) is a niche within public health I aim to pursue.
Jessica Langevin
Jessica Langevin, FT
Jessica Langevin graduated from McMaster University in 2015 with a B.Sc. in Honours Life Science and is currently in her first year of the Master’s of Public Health program. Her interest in public health was fostered through the completion of her undergraduate thesis, which focused on the association between accessibility to early childhood intervention and children’s skills at the kindergarten level. Jessica’s research interests include infectious disease outbreaks, mitigating health inequities, women and children’s health, harm reduction and health promotion. She intends on completing a research based practicum that will incorporate various aspects of her research interests.
Konrad Lisnyj, FT
My name's Konrad Lisnyj, and I'm an MPH candidate at McMaster University. I'm concurrently completing a graduate diploma in the Water Without Borders program through the United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment and Health. I am also currently a teaching assistant in a research methods course in the Department of Health, Aging and Society. Prior to entering this program, I completed my undergraduate degree at McMaster majoring in Honours Health Studies. This program ultimately shaped my research interests to develop a passion for seeking strategies to enhance the overall population health. In particular, I am interested in topics surrounding public health promotion strategies, especially those that address and combat the social determinants of health. I'm also interested in the environmental health, health policy, and global health topics that exist at an international level. My previous experiences as a research assistant, as well from conducting my own undergraduate thesis, have enriched both my quantitative and qualitative research skills. In the past, I have also been a TA in a health policy course, as well as in a mental health course. In the future, I anticipate applying for a Ph.D. program in Health Policy to contribute to the improvement of both health and the health care system.
Deepika Lobo, FT
Sandya Menon, FT
Sandya completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, minoring in Biology and Psychology. She is also working as a Research Assistant with the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, working with the Cognition Team to assist in the submission and analysis of participant data. Her collective academic and professional experiences motivated her to join the Master of Public program at McMaster University, to pursue her interests in promoting population health. She is particularly interested in health care policy analysis and administration, and hopes to continue building her professional experience in the field of health care upon completion of her master's degree.
Nicholas Quinn
Nicholas Quinn, FT
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After graduating from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology where I focused on exercise physiology and behaviour change, I began working for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick in the Health Promotion department. Much of my work there supported my interest to pursue academic work in public health. I was involved with CPR and AED campaigns, stroke survivor community re-integration programming, and general health promotion and community engagement activities. Outside of work, I became involved with smoking cessation research as well as smoke-free policies. A teaching assistantship in the department of Health, Aging, and Society at McMaster has complimented the MPH academic work and broadened my interests. Moving forward with my MPH degree, I will be pursuing a thesis related to health economics and the aging population.
Jaspreet Sandhu
Jaspreet Sandhu, FT
Dr. Jaspreet Sandhu graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Sciences degree with a double major in Biomedical Toxicology and Human Biology, along with a minor in Psychology. With an interest in clinical care and specifically musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions, he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr. Sandhu’s clinical experience during his chiropractic training working with marginalized populations such as new immigrants, those from a low socioeconomic status, and individuals with chronic diseases, particularly HIV infection, motivated him to pursue graduate studies in the field of Public Health. Dr. Sandhu is currently in full-time private practice as a Chiropractor, while completing his studies in the Master of Public Health program part-time. His research interests include communicable diseases and specifically the impact of infectious disease on musculoskeletal health. He is also passionate about social determinants of health in marginalized populations, along with improving health disparities and health inequities. He hopes to use his advanced studies in Public Health to explore and research the field of public health in the context of musculoskeletal diseases and injuries. He also hopes to use his current clinical experience and previous work experience with the Government of Canada to pursue future opportunities in public service to address public health issues.
Meloja Satkunam, FT
I graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry from McMaster University in 2015. I came into the program with various experiences working in the nuclear industry, public healthcare sector, and in antibody drug conjugate research. My research interests lie in epidemiology, maternal and child health, and vulnerable and marginalized populations. I am specifically interested in evaluating how to overcome barriers and improve the healthcare outcomes of marginalized groups of women and children in Canada.
Ryan Van Meer, FT
Lacey Vanevery, FT