Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Tim Whelan

BSc (Memorial), B.M. B.Ch., (Oxford),
MSc (McMaster), FRCP(C)

Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research in Cancer

Professor, Department of Medicine

Associate Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Director, Supportive Cancer Care Research Unit

Research Coordinator, Division of Radiation Oncology, JCC

Resident Research Coordinator, Division of Radiation Oncology, JCC

905.387.9711 x 64509

Cancer Care Ontario
Juravinski Cancer Centre
Supportive Cancer Care Research Unit
699 Concession Street , Room 4-204
Hamilton, ON
L8V 5C2

Office location: JCC - Rm 4-204

Administrative Assistant: Diane Evens
905.387.9711 x 64501

Academic Interests

Dr. Whelan's main areas of interest are supportive care and the management of breast cancer. He is principal investigator in several projects evaluating the use of treatment decision aids for women with breast cancer.

Selected Publications

  1. Whelan TJ, Lada BM, Laukkanen E, Perera FE, Shelley WE, Levine MN. 6. Breast radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery. Canadian Medical Association Journal 1998;158 (3 Suppl):S35-S42.
  2. Whelan T, Mohide EA, Willan A, Arnold A, Tew M, Sellick S, Gafni A, Barrett B, Levine M. The supportive care needs of newly diagnosed cancer patients attending a regional cancer centre. Cancer 1997; 80:1518-1524.
  3. Clark RM, Whelan T, Levine M, Roberts R, Willan A, McCulloch P, Lipa M, Wilkinson RH, Mahoney LJ, for the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group. Randomized clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of breast irradiation following lumpectomy and axillary dissection for node-negative breast cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1996; 88:1659-64.
  4. Mohide EA, Whelan T, Rath D, Gafni A, Willan A, Czukar D, Campbell I, Okawara G, Neimanis M, Levine M. A randomized trial of two information packages distributed to new cancer patients prior to their initial appointment at a regional cancer centre. British Journal of Cancer, 1996; 73:1588-93.
  5. Whelan TJ, Levine MN, Gafni A, Lukka H, Mohide EA, Patel M, Streiner DL. Breast irradiation post-lumpectomy: Development and evaluation of a decision instrument. Journal of Clinical Oncology 1995; 13:847-53.
  6. Whelan TJ, Marcellus DC, Clark RM, Levine MN. Adjuvant radiotherapy for early breast cancer: Patterns of practice in Ontario. Canadian Medical Association Journal 1993; 149:1273-77.

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