Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Jean-Eric Tarride

BA (Toulouse), MA (Toulouse), PhD (Concordia)

Associate Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Member, ,Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH) Research Institute

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Office location:
Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH)
43 Charlton Ave E, 2nd Floor
Hamilton ON L8N 1Y3

Administrative Assistant: Donna Wilcockson
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fax icon905-522-0568

Academic Interests

Dr. Tarride's primary research interests are in methods for the economic evaluation of health technologies and the treatment of uncertainty in health technology assessments (HTAs) and decision-making process. Other areas of research include the longitudinal analysis of healthcare utilization data and the valuation of indirect costs in HTAs.

Selected Publications

  1. McCarron CE (PhD student), Pullenayegum E, Thabane L, Goeree R, Tarride J-E.  The importance of adjusting for potential confounders in Bayesian hierarchical models synthesising evidence from randomised and non-randomised studies: an application comparing treatments for abdominal aortic aneurysms.  BMC Medical Research Methodology 2010, 10:64.
  2. Tarride JE, Hopkins R, Blackhouse G, Bowen JM, Bischof M, Von Keyserlingk C, O’Reilly D, Xie F, Goeree R.  A review of methods used in long-term cost-effectiveness models of diabetes treatment.  Pharmacoeconomics, 2010;28(4):255-77.
  3. Lim ME (PhD student), Bowen JM, O’Reilly D, McCarron CE, Blackhouse G, Hopkins R, Goeree R, Tarride JE.  Impact of the 1997 Canadian guidelines on the conduct of Canadian-based economic evaluations in the published literature.  Value in Health, 2010;13(2)328-34.
  4. Tarride JE, Burke N, Bischof M, Hopkins RB, Goeree L, Campbell K, Xie F, O’Reilly D, Goeree R.  A review of health utilities across conditions common in pediatric and adult populations.  Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2010;8:12.
  5. Tarride JE, Harrington K, Balfour R, Simpson P, Foord L, Anderson L, Lakey W.  Partnership in employee health.  A workplace health program for British Columbia Public Service Agency (Canada).  WORK:  A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation 2011 Jan 1;40(4):459-71.
  6. Tarride J-E, Blackhouse G, DeRose G, Bowen JM, Nakhaipour H, O’Reilly D, Xie F, Novick T, Hopkins R, Goeree R.  Should endovascular repair be reimbursed for low risk abdominal aortic aneurysm patients?  Evidence from Ontario, Canada.  International Journal of Vascular Medicine 2011 (epub available: doi:10.1155/2011/308685).
  7. McCarron CE (PhD student), Pullenayegum EM, Thabane L, Goeree R, Tarride JE. Bayesian hierarchical models combining different study types and adjusting for covariate imbalances: a simulation study to assess model performance. PLoS One 2011;6(10):e25635.
  8. Tarride J-E, Haq M, O’Reilly, Bowen J, Xie F, Dolovich L, Goeree R.   The excess burden of osteo-arthritis in the province of Ontario, Canada.  Arthritis & Rheumatism 2011 (epub available doi: 10.1002/145.33467).
  9. Tarride JE, Oremus M, Pullenayegum E, Clayton N, Raina P.  How does the Canadian general public view moderate Alzheimer’s disease?  Journal of Aging Research 2011 (epub available doi: 10.4061/2011/682470).
  10. Tarride J-E, Haq M, Taylor V, Sharma AM, Nakhai-Pour HR, O’Reilly D, Xie F, Dolovich L, Goeree R.  Health status, hospitalization, day procedures and physician costs associated with body mass index (BMI) levels in Ontario, Canada.  ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research 2012;4:21-30.

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