Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Marko Simunovic

BA (Queens), MD (Ottawa), MPH (Harvard), FRCS(C)


Associate Professor, Department of Surgery

Associate Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Surgical Oncologist, Juravinski Cancer Clinic, Hamilton Health Sciences

Chair, Gastrointestinal Disease Site Team, Juravinski Cancer Centre

Co-Chair, Disease Site Team Council Working Group, Juravinski Cancer Centre

Member, Hamilton Health Sciences New Investigator Fund - Scientific Peer-Review Board

Member, Surgical Outcomes Research Centre


Juravinski Cancer Centre
Department of Surgical Oncology
699 Concession Street ,
Hamilton, On L8V 5C2

Office location: Juravinski Cancer Centre, 3rd Floor, 3-66

Administrative Assistant: Joanna Atanas

Academic Interests

Dr. Simunovic's current interests focus on health services research and surgeon-directed quality initiatives.

His clinical research area is colorectal cancer surgery. Of particular interest are studies on outcome measures related to surgical oncology; surgical behaviour; and, the relationship between hospital procedure volume and the process of care.

Current HRM Graduate Students
Kevin Ling Song Yun (MSc)
Dana Reeson (MSc)

Selected Publications

  1. Simunovic M, Rempel E, Thériault M, Coates A, Whelan T, Holowaty E, Langer B, Levine M. Major cancer surgery in Ontario: influence of hospital characteristics on patient survival and measures of regionalization. Can J Surg. (in press)
  2. Simunovic M, Thériault M, Paszat L, Coates A, Whelan T, Holowaty E, Levine M. Using administrative databases to measure waiting times for patients undergoing major cancer surgery in Ontario for years 1993 to 2000. Can J Surg. 2005 Apr;48(2):137-42
  3. Simunovic M, Paterson CA, Coates, AJ, Wright, JR, Levine, MN. Pilot Study of the Quality Initiative in Rectal Cancer Strategy. Dis. Colon Rectum. 2004;47:1594-8.
  4. Simunovic M, Gafni A, Levine M. Economics of preoperative radiotherapy with total mesorectal excision: what can we learn from the Dutch experience? J Clin Oncol. 2004 Jan 15;22(2):217-9.
  5. Simunovic M, Sexton R, Rempel E, Moran B.J., Heald R.J. Optimal preoperative assessment and surgery for rectal cancer may greatly limit the need for radiotherapy. Br J Surg, 2003;90(8):999-1003.
  6. Hong D, Tandan V.R., Goldsmith C.H., Simunovic M. Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to use an article reporting population-based volume-outcome relationships in surgery. Can J Surg, 2002;45(2):109-15.
  7. Simunovic M, Gagliardi A, McCready D, Coates A, Levine M, DePetrillo, A. A snapshot of waiting times for cancer surgery provided by surgeons affiliated with regional cancer centres in Ontario. CMAJ, 2001;165(4):421-5.
  8. Simunovic M, To T, Baxter N, Balshem A, Ross E, Cohen Z, McLeod R, Engstrom P, Sigurdson E. Hospital procedure volume and teaching status do not influence treatment and outcome measures of rectal cancer surgery in a large general population. J Gastrointest Surg, 2000;4(3):324-30.
  9. Simunovic M, To T, Thériault M, Langer B. Relation between hospital surgical volume and outcome for pancreatic resection for neoplasm in a publicly funded health care system. CMAJ, 1999;160(5):643-8.

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