Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Gregory Pond

PhD (Toronto), MSc (Simon Fraser)

Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology

Associate Member, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

905.527.2299 Ext. 42616

Henderson Hospital Site
711 Concession Street
60 (G) Wing, 1st Floor
Hamilton Ontario, L8V 1C3


Academic Interests

Dr. Pond's research interests include: biostatistics, clinical trial methodology, and statistical design in oncology.

Selected Publications

  1. G.R. Pond, L.L. Siu, M.J. Moore, A.M. Oza, H. Hirte, E. Winquist, G. Goss, G. Hudes, and C.A.Townsley “Nomograms to predict serious adverse events in patients enrolled in phase II clinical trials of moleculary targeted agents,” Journal of Clinical Oncology, 26(8):1324-1330, March 2008.
  2. D.R. Berthold, G.R. Pond, M. Roessner, R. de Wit, M. Eisenberger and I.A. Tannock on behalf of the TAX-327 investigators “Treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer with docetaxel or mitoxantrone: Relationships between prostate-specific antigen, pain, and quality of life response and survival in the TAX-327 study.” Clinical Cancer Research, 14(9): 2763-2767, May 2008.
  3. R. Ng, G.R. Pond, P.A. Tang, P.W. MacIntosh, L.L. Siu and E.X. Chen “Correlation of changes between 2-year disease-free survival and 5-year overall survival in adjuvant breast cancer trials from 1966 to 2006.” Annals of Oncology, 19(3):481-486, March 2008.


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