Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Janice Pogue

BA (York), MA (York), MSc (Queen's), PhD (McMaster)

Deceased, January 22, 2016

Associate Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Director, Statistics, Population Health Research Institute

905.527.4322 x 40340

HHS-David Braley Cardiac, Vascular and Stroke Research Institute
Hamilton General Hospital Campus
237 Barton Street East, Rm C2-210
Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 2X2


Academic Interests

I am a biostatistician studying methods to increase efficiencies in the conduct and analysis of clinical trials. Research interests include: Central statistical monitoring in multi-site clinical trials, efficient techniques to deal with composite outcomes and missing data, the value of outcome adjudication, Data and Safety Monitoring Boards, and optimal information size for meta-analysis. Directly involved in design and conduct of large-scale clinical trials in cardiovascular disease and in individual patient meta-analysis.

Selected Publications

  1. Pogue J, Yusuf, S. Cumulating Data and Evidence from Trials: Utilizing Sequential Monitor­ing Boundaries for Cumulative Meta-Analysis. Controlled Clinical Trials 1997, 18, 580-593.
  2. Pogue J, Yusuf, S. Overcoming the Limitations of Current Meta-Analysis of Randomized Con­trolled Trials. The Lancet 1998, 351, 47-52.
  3. Pogue J, Yusuf S. Data Monitoring in the RESOLVD (Randomized Evaluation of Strategies for Left Ventricular Dysfunction) Pilot Study: when reasonable people disagree. DeMets D, Furberg CD, Friedman LM. Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials: A Case Studies Approach. New York: Springer, 2006.
  4. Pogue J, Sackett D, Wyse DG, Yusuf S. Data monitoring in the Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation and Clopidogrel in Unstable Angina to prevent Recurrent ischemic Events trials: avoiding important information loss. DeMets D, Furberg CD, Friedman LM. Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials: A Case Studies Approach. New York: Springer, 2006.
  5. Pogue J, Walter SD, Yusuf S. Evaluating the Benefit of Event Adjudication of Cardiovascular Outcomes in Large Simple RCTs. Clinical Trials 2009; 6: 239-51.
  6. Pogue J, Devereaux PJ, Thabane L, Yusuf S. Designing and analyzing clinical trials with composite outcomes: Consideration of possible treatment differences between the individual outcomes. PLoS ONE 2012; 7(4): e34785. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0034785
  7. Pogue J. Testing for treatment heterogeneity between the individual outcomes within a composite outcome. PhD thesis 2012.
  8. Pogue JM, Devereaux PJ, Thorlund K, Yusuf S. Central statistical monitoring: Detecting fraud in clinical trials. Clinical Trials 2013; doi: 110.1177/1740774512469312: 1-11.
  9. Pogue J, Sackett DL. When an RCT’s Data Center Report drowns vital information in seas of data: Where’s Waldo? Clinical Trials 2014; doi:10.1177/1740774514534347.
  10. Pogue J, Devereaux PJ, Yusuf S. Statistical approaches to improving trial efficiency and conduct. Van Montfort K, Oud J, Ghidey W. Developments in Statistical Evaluation of Clinical Trials. Springer, December 2014.

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