Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Jeremiah Hurley

BA (John Carroll), MA (Wisconsin-Madison), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison)

Professor and Chair, Department of Economics

Associate Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Member, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA)

905.525.9140 x 24593

McMaster University
Department of Economics
Kenneth Taylor Hall, Rm. 430
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8S 4M4

Office location: KTH – 430

Academic Interests

Dr. Hurley's current work includes an examination of public and private roles in health care financing, resource allocation and health acre funding models, the use of incentives in health care, and the application of experimental methods in health economics.

Selected Publications

  1. Buckley, N., K. Cuff, J. Hurley, L. McLeod, S. Mestelman, D. Cameron. 2012. “An Experimental Investigation of Mixed Systems of Public and Private Health Care Finance." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Forthcoming.
  2. Asada, Y., G. Kephart, J. Hurley, Y. Yashida, A. Smith, and S. Bornstein. 2012. “The role of proximity to death in need-based approaches to health care." HealthPolicy. Vol. 106(3): 291-302.
  3. Buckley, N., K. Cuff, J. Hurley, L. McLeod, R. Nuscheler, D. Cameron. 2012. “Willingness-to-Pay for Parallel Private Insurance: Canadian Evidence from a Lab- oratory Experiment." Canadian Journal of Economics. Vol. 45(1): 137-166.
  4. Cuff, K., J. Hurley, S. Mestelman, A. Muller and R. Nuscheler. 2012. “Public and Private Health Care Financing with Alternate Public Rationing Rules." HealthEconomics. Vol. 21(2): 83-100.
  5. Mentzakis, E., P. Stefanowska, J. Hurley. 2011. “A Discrete Choice Experiment Investigating Preferences for Funding Drugs used to Treat Orphan Diseases." HealthEconomics, Policy and Law. Vol. 6(3): 405-433.
  6. Hurley, J., N. Buckley, K. Cuff, M. Giacomini, D. Cameron. 2011. “Judgments Regarding the Fair Division of Goods: The Impact of Verbal versus Quantitative Descriptions of Alternative Principles." Social Choice and Welfare. Vol. 37(2): 341- 372.
  7. Hurley, J. and G. E. Guindon. 2011. “Private Insurance in Canada." In, PrivateHealth Insurance and Medical Savings Accounts: Lessons from International Experi-ence, S. Thomson, E. Mossialos and R. G. Evans, Eds, London: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.
  8. Hurley, J. 2010. Health Economics. Toronto: McGraw-Hill-Ryerson.
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  9. Crossley, T., J. Hurley and S. Jeon. 2009 “Physician Labour Supply in Canada: a Cohort Analysis." Health Economics. Vol. 18(4): 437-456.
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