Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

R. Brian Haynes

OC, MD (Alberta), MSc (McMaster), PhD (McMaster),

Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Joint Member, Department of Medicine

Chief, Health Information Reserach Unit

Attending Staff, Hamilton Health Sciences, Diabetes Care and Research Centre

Editor, ACP Journal Club

905.525.9140 x 20152

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8S 4K1

Administrative Assistant: Linda Sheridan
905.525.9140 x 20152

Academic Interests

Current research interests: knowledge translation research and health informatics, focused on ways to improve medical care through improving the dissemination and application of validated health care knowledge. Of particular interest are studies of the nature of information problems that afflict practitioners, patients, the public and policy makers, and trials of potential solutions from information technology (online databases, expert systems, and computer-aided quality improvement).

Clinical interests: diabetes care, cardiovascular risk management, computerized clinical decision support.

Current Graduate Students
Rebecca Jeffery, MSc
Thomas Agoritsas, PhD

Recent Graduate Students
Elizabeth Ackloo, MSc, 2008
Siddharajsinh Chudasama, MSc, 2009
Fahad Al-Ghimlas, MSc, 2010
Brian Hemens, MSc, 2009
Frances Tse, MSc, 2010
Pavel Roshanov, MSc, 2011
Anik Giguere, PhD, post-doc, 2012

Selected Publications

  1. Haynes RB, Holland J, Cotoi C, McKinlay RJ, Wilczynski NL, Walters L, Jedraszewski D, Parrish R, McKibbon A, Garg A, Walter SD. McMaster PLUS: A cluster randomized clinical trial of an intervention to accelerate clinical use of evidence-based information from digital libraries. J Amer Med Inform Assoc Nov 2006;13:593-600. doi:10.1197/jamia.M2158
  2. Haynes RB, Cotoi C, Holland J, Walters L, Wilczynski NL, Jedraszewski D, McKinlay J, Parrish R, McKibbon A for the McMaster Premium LiteratUre Service (PLUS) Project. A second order of peer review: A system to provide peer review of the medical literature for clinical practitioners. JAMA 2006;295:1801-8.
  3. Garg AX, Iansavichus AV, Wilczynski NL, Kastner M, Baier LA, Shariff SZ, Rehman F, Weir M, McKibbon KA, Haynes RB. Filtering MEDLINE for a clinical discipline. BMJ 2009;339:b3435 (online first)
  4. Hemens BJ, Haynes RB. McMaster Premium LiteratUre Service (PLUS) performed well for identifying new studies for updated Cochrane Reviews. J Clin Epidemiol  2012;65:62-72.e1
  5. Sinclair JC, Haynes RB. Selecting participants that raise a clinical trial's population attributable fraction can increase the treatment effect within the trial and reduce the required sample size. J Clin Epidemiol 2011,64:893-902.
  6. Wilczynski NL, McKibbon KA, Walter SD, Garg AX, Haynes RB. MEDLINE clinical queries are robust when searching in recent publishing years. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2012;00:1–6. doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2012-001075 e-pub ahead of print, Sept 27. PMID:23019242

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