Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Peter Ellis

BA (Sydney), MMED (Sydney), PhD (Sydney)

Associate Professor , Department of Medicine, McMaster University

Associate Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Medical Oncologist, Juravinski Cancer Centre

Investigator, Supportive Cancer Care Research Unit

Chair, HRCC Lung Disease Site Team

Executive Member, National Cancer Institute of Canada, Clinical Trials Group Lung Disease Site Committee

Member, Cancer Care Ontario’s Practice Guideline Initiative, Provincial Lung Disease Site Group

905.387.9711 x64609

Juravinski Cancer Centre
699 Concession St.
Hamilton, ON
L8V 5C2

Academic Interests

Dr Ellis has a research interest in the role of the consumer in decision making, and is an investigator in several studies in this area. He is also co-Principal Investigator in a systematic review examining diffusion and dissemination of cancer control interventions.

Selected Publications

  1. Browman, GP., Snider, A. and Ellis, P. Transferring knowledge and effecting change in working health care environments: response to seven commentaries. Healthcare Papers. 3 (3):66-71, 2003
  2. Browman, GP., Snider, A. and Ellis, P Negotiating for change. the health care manager as catalyst for evidence-based practice: changing the health care environment and sharing experience. Healthcare Papers. 3 (3):10-22, 2003
  3. Ellis, P.M., Butow, P.N. and Tattersall, M.H.N. Informing breast cancer patients about clinical trials: A randomized clinical trial of an educational booklet. Annals of Oncology 13(9):1414-1423, 2003

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