Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Lisa Dolovich

BScPhm (Toronto), PharmD (Toronto), MSc (McMaster)

Research Director & Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University;

Scientist & Associate Director, Centre for Evaluation of Medicines, St Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton;

Associate Professor, Departments of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact and Medicine, McMaster University;

Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

Contact Information:

Department of Family Medicine
McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Road South
Hamilton ON L8P 0A1
Phone: (905) 521-2100 x 28503
Fax (905) 527-4440

Research Interests

Her research interests include the patient perspective about using or deciding to use medications, pharmacist integration into primary care practice, continuity of healthcare, pharmacy and health services practice research, and evaluating the clinical and policy relevance of interventions that can improve prescribing and patient medication taking behaviour.  She holds research grants mainly from government and academic sources, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Selected Publications

  1. Dolovich L, Gagnon A, McAiney CA, Sparrow L, Burns S.  Initial pharmacist experience with the Ontario-based MedsCheck Program.  Can Pharm J 2008;141(6):339-345.
  2. Dolovich L, Howard M, Sellors C, Kaczorowski J, Rodriguez C, Goeree R, Haq M, Patel P, Sellors J. Medication recommendations to physicians by pharmacists for seniors: expected clinical impact in relation to implementation and expected time frame to effect. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 2008;15:159-165.
  3. Dolovich L, Pottie K, Kaczorowski J, Farrell B, Austin Z, Rodriguez C, Gaebel K, Sellors C.  Integrating Family Medicine and Pharmacy to Advance Primary Care Therapeutics.  Clinical pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2008;83(6):913-917.
  4. Dolovich L, Nair K, Sellors C, Lohfeld L, Lee A, Levine MAH. Do patients’ expectations influence their use of medication? Can Fam Physician 2008;54:384-93.
  5. Dolovich L, Sabharwal M, Agro K, Foster G, Lee A, McCarthy L, Willan A. The effect of pharmacist education on asthma treatment plans for simulated patients. Pharm World Sci 2007; 29: 228-239.
  6. Holbrook A, Thabane L, Keshavjee K, Dolovich L, Bernstein B, Chan D, Troyan S, Foster G, Gerstein H, for the COMPETE II Investigators. Individualized electronic decision support and reminders to improve diabetes care in the community: COMPETE II randomized trial. CMAJ 2009;18(1-2):37-44.
  7. Carter M, Karwaljtys T, Chambers LW, Kaczorowski J, Dolovich L, Gierman T, Cross D, Laryea S, for the CHAP Working Group. Theory Into Action: Implementing a standardized community-based cardiovascular risk assessment program in 20 Ontario communities, Health Promotion International 2009;24(4):325-333
  8. Agarwal G, Nair K, Cosby J, Dolovich L, Levine M, Kaczorowski J, Butler C, Burns S. GPs’ approach to insulin prescribing in older patients: a qualitative study. Br J Gen Pract2008;DOI: 10.3399/bjgp08X319639.
  9. Nair KM, Dolovich L, Brazil K, Raina P. It's all about relationships: A qualitative study of health researchers' perspectives of conducting interdisciplinary health research. BMC Health Services Research 2008, 8: 110 doi:10.1186/1472-6963-8-110
  10. Giangregoria L, Dolovich L, Cranney A, Adili A, deBeer J, Papaioannou A, Thabane L, Adachi JD. Osteoporosis risk perceptions among patients who have sustained a fragility fracture. Patient Education and Counseling 2009;74:213-220.

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