Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Catherine Clase

BA (Cambridge), MB (Cambridge), MSC (McMaster) FRCPC

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Associate Member, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact


Charlton Medical Centre Room 708
25 Charlton Ave. E.
Hamilton Ontario
L8N 1Y2


Research Interests

  • Community epidemiology of chronic renal insufficiency, including population-based studies and use of modelling to identify possible screening strategies for the prevention of morbidity, mortality and end-stage renal disease
  • Optimizing management and transition to dialysis in patients with advanced chronic renal insufficiency
  • Symptoms and quality of life in patients with chronic renal insufficiency or on dialysis
  • Atherosclerotic and thrombotic events in patients with chronic renal insufficiency or on dialysis
  • Bleeding in patients with chronic renal insufficiency or on dialysis
  • Prevention of thrombotic complications in dialysis access
  • Optimal use of anticoagulation in dialysis patients

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  1. Clase CM, Ball CM.  Acute Renal Failure.  In: Evidence Based Medicine On Call, Oxford Medical Knowledge, Oxford, UK.  Ed: Ball CM, Phillips RS.  2001, pp527-543
  2. Clase CMChronic Renal Failure.  In: BMJ Clinical Evidence 2007.  Ed: Tovey D. Suffolk UK.  William Clowes Ltd.  Online at (last accessed 2008-01-18; requires subscription)
Journal Articles
  1. Su W, Yegappan C. Carlisle EJF, Clase CM.  Lesson of the week: reduced level of consciousness from baclofen in people with low kidney function.  BMJ 2009;339:b4559
  2. Fry JL, Arnold DM, Clase CM, Crowther MA, Holbrook AM, Traore AN, Warkentin TE, Heddle NM.  Transfusion Premedication to Prevent Acute Transfusion Reactions: A Retrospective Observational Study to Assess Current Practices.  Transfusion  2010;50:1722-30
  3. Burger C, Clase CM, Gangji AS.  Drug Interaction between tacrolimus and amiodarone, and QT prolongation (Research letter).  Transplantation 2010; 89:1166-7
  4. Su WS, Clase CM, Brimble KS, Margetts PJ, Wilkieson TJ, Gangji AS.  Waist-to-hip ratio predicts cardiovascular outcomes and death in peritoneal dialysis patients. International Journal of Nephrology 2010:2010;831243, 2010. doi:10.4061/2010/831243
  5. Elliot MJ, Ronkley PE, Clase CM, Ahmed SB, Hemmelgarn BR.  Management of patients with acute hyperkalemia: A systematic review.  CMAJ 2010; 182:1631-5
  6. Tobe SW, Clase CM, Gao P, McQueen M, Grosshennig A, Wang X, Teo KK, Yusuf S, Mann JFE on behalf of the ONTARGET and TRANSCEND investigators.  Renal and cardiovascular outcomes with telmisartan, ramipril or both in people at high renal risk: results from the ONTARGET and TRANSCEND studies.  Circulation 2011;123:1098-107
  7. Clase CM, Gao P, Tobe SW, McQueen MJ, Grosshennig A, Teo KK, Yusuf S, Mann JFE on behalf of the ONTARGET and TRANSCEND investigators.  Estimated glomerular filtration rate and albuminuria as predictors of outcomes in patients with high cardiovascular risk. A cohort study.   Ann Int Med 2011:154;310-18
  8. Su WS, Lekas P, Carlisle EJ, Cowin R, Bellamy J, Margetts PJ, Brimble KS, Clase CM, Gangji AS.  Management of hypophosphatemia in nocturnal hemodialysis with phosphate-containing enema: A technical study.  Hemodial Int 2011:15;219-25
  9. Wilkieson TJ, Ingram AJ, Crowther MA, Soroka SD, Nagai R, Jindal KK, Clase CM.  Low-intensity adjusted-dose warfarin for the prevention of mechanical malfunction of double-lumen hemodialysis catheters: a randomized, controlled trial.  cJASN 2011;6:1018-24
  10. Su WS,  Gangji AS, Margetts PM, Bosch J, Yusuf S,  Clase CM, Ganame J, Noseworthy M, Lonn E,  Jain AK, McCormick B, Brimble KS.  The FLUID study protocol: a randomized controlled study on the effects of bioimpedance analysis and vitamin D on left ventricular mass in peritoneal dialysis patients. Perit Dial Int 2011: pdi.2010.00232v1

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