Division of Rheumatology

Program Design

The Adult Rheumatology program is designed to provide residents with training that ensures flexibility in their future career choices in Rheumatology.

The specific program objectives are based upon the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada guidelines and will build a foundation of knowledge and experience required for a successful career in clinical Rheumatology, with an academic focus.

15 rheumatologists participate in the two year residency training program. Combined clinics such as Rheumatology/Respirology, Rheum/Resp/Renal, Rheumatology/Immunology,Rheum/Renal Vasculitis are also offered during clinic rotations, involving other Sub-Specialty physicians. Participating hospitals included Hamilton Health Sciences and St Joseph’s Healthcare.

The first year of training is mainly intensive clinical training at the tertiary care centers with both in patient and outpatient care. The inpatient service is run out of St. Joseph’s Hospital and residents will gain first-hand experience in managing in patient rheumatologic conditions as the primary physician.   Radiology, Metabolic Bone Disease and a community medicine rotation is also scheduled.

In the second year, in addition to continued inpatient and outpatient clinic exposure, the program offers a pediatric rheumatology rotation, as well as combined research/elective time.   In the research/elective blocks,the resident is encouraged to gain exposure in dermatology, immunology,  Lupus, Vasculitis, Scleroderma and ultrasound. It is required the resident complete a research project pertinent to that block.

Over the 2 years, the trainee will have a weekly horizontal continuity clinic with one assigned preceptor. This will enable the resident to follow patients and manage their care, and allow for an increasing amount of independence resulting in a smooth transition into clinical or academic practice.

At the end of training the residents will have acquired all the CanMedscompetancies; Medical Expert, Professional, Manager,  Communicator, Collaborator, Professional, Health Advocate