Division of Rheumatology

Application Process

Ministry of Health (MOH) Funded Positions

All residents to be considered for training in Rheumatology at McMaster must have three to four years of training in an approved Internal Medicine Residency Training Program. Residents who are eligible for Ontario Ministry of Health funded training, can obtain information on the application process by visiting the CaRMS website under the Medicine Subspecialty Match (R-4). If you are unsure if you qualify for training in Ontario, you may refer to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website.

The deadline for receipt of applications is September 1st

Applicants for subspecialties are selected through a ranking process by a Selection Committee, which meets after resident interviews are completed. The number of residency positions available in the Rheumatology Program varies from year to year.

International Medical Graduates (Government Sponsored)

Applicants who will not be funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health (e.g. visa trainees) should not apply through CaRMS but should send their application package directly to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office before September 1st. Packages of those eligible for training at McMaster University will be forwarded to the
Rheumatology Program Director in September for further consideration.

Rheumatology Contact Information:
Rennée Tremblay, Program Assistant
Rheumatology Residency Training Program
25 Charlton Avenue East
Suite 708
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1Y2

Phone 905.521.1863
Fax 905.521.8099