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Pulmonary Research Registry (PURR)

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Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health - Pulmonary Research Registry

PURR Forms

Dear research participant,

If you would like to register for PURR, you may either:

  1. Register online

    Complete PURR online registration form (fillable PDF) and click 'Submit' at the end of the form that sends the form automatically via email to PURR.

    Note: If you experience difficulties with electronic submission, please verify that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your device or try to submit using a different browser. Otherwise, download the print version of the form below and send to

  2. Print 1 copy of the PURR Consent Form and 1 copy of the PURR printable registration form, fill out the forms manually and return by mail to:

    Pulmonary Research Registry
    Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health
    St Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
    50 Charlton Avenue East, Room 1152-1
    Hamilton, ON, L8N 4A6