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Dr. Sandeep Raha

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Admissions Chair, Medical Sciences Graduate Program

1280 Main Street W., HSC3N11j
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
Phone: 905-521-2100 Ext. 76213
Fax: 905-521-4981
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Research Theme

Obesity, dyslipidemias and type 2 diabetes

  • Primary Research: Mitochondria
  • Secondary Research: Obesity, Diabetes

Key words

Mitochondria, Obesity, Diabetes, Cell Biology, Oxidative Stress

Research Program Overview

 Dr. Raha’s research focuses on understanding how obesity during pregnancy can affect the future health of the baby. He focuses on understanding the cellular communication between adipose tissue and the trophoblast cell, a type of stem cell that is central to the development of the placenta and growth and survival of the baby. Specifically he is interested in the role of the mitochondria, the energy factories of the cell, in this process. Currently, his research is directed at understanding how obesity in mother affects the development and function of the placenta using an animal model.

Knowledge Translation

Dr. Raha's knowledge translation activities are directed at helping kids understanding what happens in their bodies when the eat poorly or don’t exercise enough. He hopes that this type of information, delivered using a fun, interactive style will help to motivate and reinforce positive lifestyle changes.  Dr. Raha is also the co-founder of the Children and Youth University at McMaster (CY@Mac). This is a interactive lecture series organized for kids 8-14 years of age and designed to get them excited about a variety of science and social science topics.

Current Projects

  • Impact of maternal obesity on uterine stress.
  • Impact of maternal obesity on the development of cardiovascular dysfunction in the offspring.
  • Promote scientific learning in children through interactive scientific lectures and demonstrations.

Publications & Achievements

  • E Hayes, A. M. Lechowicz, J. Petrik, Y Storozhuk, S. Paez-Parent, Q. Dai, I. Samjoo, M. Mansell, A. Gruslin, A. Holloway, S. Raha. Adverse fetal and neonatal outcomes associated with a life-long high fat diet: Role of altered development of the placental vasculature. PLoS One 2012; 7(3):e33370
  • S Raha, V Taylor, AC Holloway. Effect of atypical antipsychotics on fetal growth: Is the placenta involved? J Pregnancy, special edition: Basic Experimental and Clinical Advances in the Mechanisms Underlying Abnormal Pregnancy Outcomes. 2012; 2012:315203
  • MA Tarnopolsky and S Raha. Oxidative Phosphorylation Diseases and Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome in Pediatric Endocrinology and Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Chapter 18, Kyriakie Sarafoglou (ed.) McGraw Hill Medical, 2008.
  • B.W. Timmons and S. Raha. A Pediatric perspective on inflammation and oxidative stress in response to exercise.  In press, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism 33(2): 411-419 (2008)
  • J.E. Bruin, M.A. Petre, S. Raha, K.M. Morrison, H.C. Gerstein and A.C. Holloway.  Fetal and neonatal nicotine exposure in Wistar rats causes a progression of pancreatic mitochondrial damage and beta cell dysfunction.  Submitted to PLoS ONE, manuscript # 08-PONE-RA-05435
  • S. Raha, A. T. Myint, L. Johnstone, B. H. Robinson.  Control of oxygen free radical formation from mitochondrial complex I: Roles for protein kinase A and pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase.  Free Radic Biol Med 32 (5): 421-430 (2002)
  • S. Roy Chowdhury, S. Raha, M. A. Tarnopolsky and G. Singh. Increased expression of mitochondrial glycerophosphate dehydrogenase and antioxidant enzymes in prostate cancer cell lines/cancer. Free Radical Research 2007 Oct; 41(10): 1116-24
  • 2009-2010 Faculty of Health Science/Health Science Graduate Student Federation, Graduate Teaching Award, which recognizes Health Sciences Faculty Members who display excellence in teaching and/or supervision/mentorship
  • 2005-2007 Jack Hirsch Research Career Award, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

Secondary Contact

Janice Penney
Phone: 905-521-2100 x76947
Title: Administrative Assistant

Research Staff

Raha Laboratory
Phone: 905-521-2100 x21215

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