McMaster University

McMaster University

Leslie Berry

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Thrombosis & Atherosclerosis Research Institute (TaARI),
David Braley Cardiac, Vascular and Stroke Research Institute.

237 Barton Street East,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8L 2X2
Ph: 905-521-2100 x 40719
Fx: 905-577-1427
Em: or

Research Theme

Hematology, thrombosis and cardiovascular disease

  • Primary Research: Thrombosis/Hemostasis
  • Secondary Research: Device Blood Compatibility

Key words

Thrombosis, Heparin, Anticoagulant, Respiration, Coagulation mechanisms

Research Program Overview

Research is centered around understanding developmental mechanisms in coagulation and fibrinolysis, which will lead to invention of novel treatments. Study of coagulation cascade activation on surfaces of catheters, stents and other blood contacting devices is directed towards solving the main source of thrombosis in children. Investigations have also extended into age-related effects of chemotherapeutic agents on functioning of the native Protein C anticoagulant pathway. Recent work to optimize the methods which measure potential of pediatric samples to generate thrombin has evolved into development of a new clinical assay with possible use as a global measure of hemostatic status.

Current Projects

  • Study of covalent antithrombin-heparin treatment of thrombin generation on biomaterial and cell surfaces.
  • Assay of thrombin generation in newborn and adult plasmas using novel substrates.
  • Investigation of Protein C pathway glycosylation.

Publications & Achievements

  • Berry LR, Chan AKC. Improving Blood Compatibility of Biomaterials Using a Novel ATH Covalent Complex. In: Handbook of Fabrication and Processing of Biomaterials. submitted, 2008
  • Berry et al. Selective cleavage of heparin using aqueous 2-hydroxypyridine: production of an aldose-terminating fragment with high anticoagulant activity. BBRC 346:946, 2006
  • Enzyme measurement assay. Patent Application # WO2006CA02100 20061221. Inventors: Berry LR, Ignjatovic V, Monagle P, Chan AKC

Secondary Contact

Wendy Armstrong
Phone: 905-521-2100 x73464
Title: Administrative Assistant

Research Staff

Mykhaylo Goncharenko
Phone: 905-521-2100 x40722
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

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