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Dr. Karen Choong

An hour-long documentary entitled, 'The People's Health' follows medical trainees at McMaster and features a segment with Dr. Karen Choong in the PICU. Watch the video: "Canada's Doctors: A Question of Life and Death"(AlJazeera, December 30, 2015)

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica

Dr. Jeff Pernica responded to a report indicating fewer people are getting a flu shot this year. Watch the video: "Lower uptake of flu this year" (CTV National News, November 24, 2015)

Dr. Adam Flemming

Dr. Adam Flemming was interviewed pediatric brain tumours. Watch the video: "Treatment for childhood brain cancers" (CTV National News, November, 2015)

Dr. Chris Sulowski

Dr. Chris Sulowski was interviewed about hazerdous toys and related injuries. Watch the video: "Top 10 dangerous toys" (CHCH News, November 18, 2015)

Dr. Katherine Morrison

Dr. Katherine Morrison was interviewed about new research which suggest that certain approaches to parenting may increase risk of obesity in children. Read: "Your parenting style may be causing your child's obesity" (The Toronto Star, November 16, 2015)

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica

Dr. Jeff Pernica was interviewed about the recent increase in whooping cough cases this year and the importance of the pertussis vaccine. Watch the video: "Whopping cough cases up this year" (CHCH News, November13, 2015)

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica

Dr. Jeff Pernica was interviewed about the influenza vaccine. Listen to the audio clip, "A nasal version of the Flu vaccine has been created and may be more effective at protecting kids" (AM CHML 900, October 9, 2015)

Dr. Sandesh Shivananda

Dr. Sandesh Shivananda's research was featured in the article, "Hamilton doctors working to prevent blindness in preemies" (Hamilton Spectator, October 9, 2015)

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky was featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's program, Catalyst, discussing his research using supplements and exercise to treat mitchondrial disease. Watch the video: "Fit in 6 Minutes a Week"(ABCTV Catalyst, September 29, 2015)

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky' is starting a biotech company to manufacture treatments for mitochondrial diseases."Hamilton researcher set to manufacture potential treatment for genetic diseases" (Hamilton Spectator, September 11, 2015)

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

A high school student will be the lead author on a paper submitted to the Neuromuscular Disorders journal after spending the summer working in Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky's lab. "Teenage whiz lead author on HHS medical study"(Hamilton Spectator, August 28, 2015)

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica was interviewed by CBC Radio show Metro Morning about his research in diarrheal disease. Listen to the audio clip "Diarrhea treatment" (CBC Radio, August 18, 2015)

Drs. Jeffrey Pernica and David Goldfarb

Drs. Jeffrey Pernica and David Goldfarb were quoted in the article by the New York Times titled "A Quiet Revolution in the Treatment of Childhood Diarrhea." (The New York Timea, August 10, 2015).

Dr. Jan Willem Gorter

Dr. Jan Willem Gorter was quoted in the article "Cerebral palsy may have genetic causes, Canadian study suggests." (The Globe and Mail, August 3, 2015).

Dr. Angus MacMillan

Dr. Angus MacMillan, a former chair of the Department of Pediatrics who devoted his career to improving the lives of children, died in August at the age of 84. Read the article: Former chair of pediatrics advocated for most vulnerable children (Network, Fall 2015).

Dr. Anthony Crocco

Dr. Anthony Crocco spoke to media about extreme heat and safety precautions for children.

  • CHCH News interviewed Dr. Crocco about dehydration signs in children (CHCH, May 26, 2015).
  • Scott Thompson from CHML radio interviewed Dr. Crocco about extreme heat safety and children. (CHML, July 29, 2015).

Dr. Christine Wekerle

Dr. Chrstine Wekerle was quoted in the article "Why the real world is the best classroom." (Queensland Times, July 25, 2015).

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky was quoted in the article titled "When the not so young ones rule the roost."(Arab News,cJuly 19, 2015). Dr. Tarnopolsky was also mentioned in the article from CHML, titled "Mac researchers awarded $37.2m in government funds" for his CIHR grant. (CHML, July 28, 2015).

Neonatal Unit

The McMaster Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was praised in an article in the Cambridge Times titled "We owe daughter's life to McMaster NICU,"(Cambridge Times, July 6, 2015).

Dr. Chris Fusch

Dr. Chris Fusch was interviewed for an article in the Toronto Star titled "New Technology and Medicine helps Neonatal Care Improve by Leaps and Bounds" (Toronto Star, June 26, 2015).

Dr. Anne Niec

Dr. Anne Niec was interviewed by the Dundas Star for the article "Dundas sex assault case should spark conversation." (Dunsas Star, June 18, 2015).

Dr. Brian Timmons

Dr. Brian Timmons was interviewed by CHCH about the ParticipACTION annual Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Youth (CHCH, June 9, 2015).

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica, David Goldfarb

Drs. Jeff Pernica, David Goldfarb and colleagues were interviewed about their article "Correlation of Clinical Outcomes With Multiplex Molecular Testing of Stool From Children Admitted to Hospital With Gastroenteritis in Botswana" published in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.

Dr. Steven Arora

Dr. Steven Arora was part of a feature on McMaster Children's Hospital and was interviewed by Lori DeAngelis fromCHCH News. (CHCH, April 29, 2015)

Dr. Jennifer Twiss

Dr. Jennifer Twiss was interviewed by CHCH News about the Kangaroo Challenge, a friendly competition between neonatal hospitals, helping babies benefit from skin to skin contact. (CHCH, April 27, 2015)

Dr. Katherine Morrison

Dr. Katherine Morrison was interviewed for the articles on EndocrineWeb Titled "Depression Is Common in Children with Obesity Who Attend Weight Management Programs" and "Depression Is Common in Children with Obesity"(EndocrineWeb, April 24, 2015)

Dr. Robert Issenman

Dr. Robert Issenman was quoted in the National Post article: "Biologic medications have become a game-changer for Canadian youth affected by Crohn's disease."(National Post, March 31, 2015)

Dr. Stephanie Atkinson

Dr. Stephanie Atkinson was interviewed by the Globe and Mail for the article: The vitamin D dilemma: How much should we be taking? (Globe and Mail, March 29, 2015)

Dr. Anthony Chan

Dr. Anthony Chan was quoted in an insert in the National Post about how complications of treatment of hemophilia patients warrants a new approach.(National Post, March 28, 2015)

Dr. Rajesh RamachandranNair

Dr. Rajesh RamachandranNair was quoted in the Hamilton Spectator article: Special diet has kept teen seizure-free since age 5 (Hamilton Spectator, March 27, 2015)

Dr. Constantine Samaan

Dr. Constantine Samaan was interviewed about his recent paper on type 2 diabetes and gender in the article "Why more men than women get Type 2 diabetes, and what it means for treatment" (CBC Hamilton, March 19, 2015). He was also quoted in the article "Women retain insulin sensitivity better than men" (Science Daily, March 17, 2015) and"Study explains why obese men more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than women." (, March 18, 2015)

Dr. Gabriel Ronen

Dr. Gabriel Ronen was interviewed by 900 CHML about Epilepsy awareness and an evening of fundraising for epilepsy research and seizure detection equipment. (900 CHML, March 7, 2015)

Natasha Johnson

Dr. Natasha Johnson was mentioned in the article "New pain clinic coming to McMaster Children’s Hospital"(Hamilton Spectator, March 6, 2015.)

Dr. Susan Waserman

Dr. Susan Waserman was interviewed for the article "McMaster researchers hope to crack peanut allergy mystery"(Stoney Creek News, March 4, 2015.)

Dr. Harriet MacMillan

Dr. Harriet MacMillan was interviewed about her role in a $4.1 million study, looking at better ways to support victims of family violence. Mac prof co-lead on violence study, (Hamilton Spectator, February 20, 2015.)

Dr. David Goldbarb

Dr. David Goldfarb was interviewed about the resurgence of measles cases by the following media:

Dr. Sandy Raha

Dr. Sandy Raha was interviewed by Cogeco TV about McMaster Children & Youth University (TV Cogeco, February 5, 2015)

Dr. Carol Portwine

Dr. Carol Portwine was quoted in a segment by CHCH news about the benefits of banking umbilical cord blood.(CHCH News, January 28, 2015)

Dr. Kristen Hallet

Dr. Kristen Hallett was interviewed by CBC news for the article Hamilton pediatrician says kids 'sinking' because of psych test wait times. (CBC News, January 23, 2015)

Dr. Enas el Gouhary

Dr. Enas el Gouhary was interviewed by CHCH news for the storyTwo pound twins leave hospital (CHCH News, January 12, 2015).

Mark Ferro

Dr. Mark Ferro was interviewed by the Neurology Advisor on his recent publication in Epilepsia about meta-analyzed risk factors associated with lower health-related quality of life in children with epilepsy.(Neurology Advisor, January 9, 2015).


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