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2012 Pediatrics Publication Archive

Drs. Cythinia Cupido, Lehana Thabane, Karen Choong and colleagues published the article, 'Randomized Controlled Trials in Pediatric Critical Care: a Scoping Review' in Critical Care Medicine, in December 2012.

Drs. Peter Rosenbaum, Jan Willem Gorter and Benjamin Klein published the article Diagnostic shortfalls in early childhood chronic stress: a review of the issues in the December 5, 2012 edition of Child: care, health and development.

Drs. Madhavi Moharir, Anne Niec and Christine Wekerle published a case report on a burn injury in an 11-month old in the November 2012 edition of the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (Vol. 17, Issue 9).

Drs. Mikrogianakis, Kam, Silver, Bakanisi, Henao, Okraniec and Azzie's article, "An innovative and effective tool for teaching novel intraosseous insertion techniques in developing countries" was selected for inclusion in the 2011 Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review published in Academic Emergency Medicine in September 2012.

Dr. Alexandra Hernandez
's study, "Magnesium Use in Asthma Pharmacotherapy: A Pediatric Emergency Research Canada Study" was recently published in the journal, Pediatrics.

Drs. Gabriel Ronen and Peter Rosenbaum are the editors of the following book, to be published by Mac Keith Press in March 2013: Life Quality Outcomes in Children and Young People with Neurological and Developmental Conditions.

Dr. Harriet MacMillan published an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) entitled, "Health Care's Response to Women Exposed to Partner Violence: Moving Beyond Universal Screening" in August, 2012.

Drs. Anne Klassen, Peter Rosenbaum, Ronald Barr and colleagues published "Rasch analysis of the PedsQL: an increased understanding of the properties of a rating scale" in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology to print in October, 2012.

Dr. Christoph Fusch published "The Care of Preterm Infants With Birth Weight Below 1250 g" in Deutsches Ärzteblatt International—the German Medical Association's official international bilingual science journal. The study focused on Health Care Research of VLBW infants in Germany.

Drs. Peter Rosenbaum and Jan Willem Gorter published, ”Development of an outcome measurement system for service planning for children and youth with special needs” in the July 2012 edition of Child: care, health and development.

Drs. Rosenbaum and Gorter also published, “Assessment of environmental factors in disabled children 2-12 years: development and reliability of the Craig Hospital Inventory of Environmental Factors (CHIEF) for Children-Parent Version” in the June 2012 issue of the above journal.

The International Journal of Pediatrics published Dr. Gorter and Dr. Brian Timmons’ articles: “Accelerometry: a feasible method to quantify physical activity in ambulatory and nonambulatory adolescents with cerebral palsy”, and “Arterial structure and function in ambulatory adolescents with cerebral palsy are not different from healthy controls” in June, 2012.

Dr. Sourabh Dutta co-authored the following journal articles:

“Quantitative Ultrasound Measurement of Intima-Media Thickness of Abdominal Aorta and Common Carotid Arteries in Normal Term Newborns” in Pediatric Cardiology, August 15, 2012; and

“Intersibling Variability of Retinopathy of Prematurity in Twins and its Risk Factors” in the April issue of International Ophthalmology.

Dr. Harriet MacMillan's clinical report, "Psychological Maltreatment, was published in Pediatrics, official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, on July 30, 2012.

Dr. Christine Wekerle's article,"Self-Generated Outcome Expectancies Concerning Violence in Intimate Relationships: A Comparison of Aggrressive and Nonaggressive Adolescents in a Sample of Child Protective Services Users" appeared in The Canadian Jounral of Behavioural Science in July 2012.

Dr. Christine Wekerle was featured in the July 2012 issue of International Innovation. The magazine article, Deprogramming Abuse, focuses on child maltreatment issues and research findings. (International Innovation is the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities, dedicated to disseminating the latest science, research and technological innovations on a global level. More information and a complimentary subscription offer to the publication can be found at:

Dr. Sourabh Dutta co-authored the protocol of an Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis on repeated versus single dose of antenatal corticosteroids, which has been published in Systematic Reviews 2012; 1:12.

Dr. Dutta also published a letter in the April 2012 issue of The Lancet regarding non-invasive surfactant therapy.

Drs. Melissa Parker, Asmaa Manan, and Mark Duffett had their paper "Rapid, easy, and cheap randomization: prospective evaluation in a study cohort" published in Trials Journal on June 22, 2012.

Dr. Peter Rosenbaum co-authored the book, Cerebral Palsy: From Diagnosis to Adult Life; a concise and comprehensive guide to today’s issues concerning cerebral palsy, which published in June 2012.

Dr. Greg Harvey’s article, "Pediatric Fluid Resuscitation Targets: How Do We Get There?" was published in the McMaster University Medical Journal, Vol. 9 No. 1, 2012.

Dr. Christine Werkele and colleagues published the article, ‘Parenting stress mediates between maternal maltreatment history and maternal sensitivity in a community sample’, in the journal, Child Abuse & Neglect, Vol. 36, Issue 5.

Dr. Christine Wekerle
and colleagues published a new article, ‘Missed Conceptions: A Gendered Extension of Early’, in the journal Deviant Behaviour.

Dr. Christina Grant and Dr. Katherine Krasnik have had a CPSP Highlights article, “Conversion Disorder: Not a malingering matter” published in the Paediatric Child Health Journal, Vol 17 No. 5,. May 2012.

Dr. Anne Klassen
and colleagues have authored the article, 'Psychological factors impacting transition from paediatric to adult care by childhood cancer survivors'. Visit the PubMed website to read the article.

Dr. Anne Klassen
et al. has authored the article 'Quality of life domains affected in children with developmental coordination disorder: a systematic review'. The article is available here.

Dr. Klassen and colleagues also published 'Healthcare Providers Perspectives about Working with Parents of Children with Cancer: A Qualitative Study' in the Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing.

Dr. Sandeep Rahais the lead author on the article entitled “Adverse fetal and neonatal outcomes associated with a life-long high fat diet: role of altered development of the placental vasculature.” The article was published in PLoS ONE.

Melissa Parker
recently had a journal article published as the sole author in the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine.  The journal article was titled “Use of a tablet to enhance standardization procedures in a randomized trial”.

Mark Duffett et al. recently had their paper “Quality of reporting of surveys in critical care journals: A methodologic review.” published inCritical Care Medicine ;40(2):441-449. February 2012.

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