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The Student Tutorials

Purpose of Tutorials & Feedback

During the Fall session, student placements were to be followed by student tutorials. During the tutorials, students were expected to ask questions about the scope of practice of the health care professionals that they shadowed.  The roles of each of the members of the health care team should be discussed as well as the benefits of good communication, both for the team and ultimately for the client.  Tutorials are a good place for the students to debrief and synthesize all of the information that they had learned and to share this information with their peers.  The case studies were designed to help facilitate discussion during the tutorials but the discussion ended up being even broader in context. 

Feedback on the tutorials was mixed for both clinicians and students. Most clinicians felt tutorials needed to be more organized for them to be a positive experience for students and clincians. The following strategies are suggested for improving future sessions:

    • More structure/common ground across tutorials is needed
    • More guidance for the clinicians is needed
    • Clinicians should be encouraged to use their "facilitation" skills during tutorials
    • Students should determine what they want to learn ahead of time and should inform clinicians
    • Tutorial discussions should focus on "communication" among health professionals and student perceptions
    • A bank of relevant cases should be developed in advance so that clinicians could use them to guide the tutorials.
    • Students should decide ahead of time who will lead the tutorials or who will be in charge.






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