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Fall Results - Student Interviews

Individual interviews were conducted with 3 medical students and 3 nursing students. Their data have been combined since the students' answers were similar, regardless of discipline.

The major themes that arose from the interviews are as follows:

1. Communication
            -identifying gaps
            -the importance of communication
            -briefing/debriefing sessions are instrumental in facilitating learning
            -better preparation of students before the experience

2. Benefits of placements
            -increased knowledge about community resources available for patients
            -increased exposure/awareness of scope of practice
            -awareness of benefits of team care/collaborations
            -increased knowledge about continuum of care
            -helps eliminate preconceived notions
            -reinforces importance of patient/patient centred care
            -illustrates the effects of the environment on patient’s health

3. Challenges of program
            -organizing placements was challenging (hard to find time to meet)
            -some placements were too far
            -clients would forget or be a no show resulting in cancelled sessions
            -tutorials did not complement the placements

4. Suggested changes to placements
            -expand the program to include students from other health professions
            -expand the program to include preceptors of other health professions (e.g. midwifery)
            -greater exposure to “team interactions” or team at work

5. Usefulness of the second experience
            - Same lessons/themes but different skills were learned during second experience
            - Important to learn what other professions do
            - Second experience reiterated key messages of first
            - Each placement expanded point of view


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