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Fall Results - Student Evaluations

Two medical students did not complete the placement experience in the fall: one was on medical leave and another dropped out. 10 nursing students were very interested in taking part in the placement experience, but due to time and scheduling constraints, only 6 were able to be placed. Thus, the fall placement experiences accommodated 168 students - 162 medical students and 6 nursing students. Following the fall session, the students were asked to complete another program evaluation online, as in the Spring '08 session. Results indicate that 147 medical students and 5 nursing students completed the second program evaluation, for a response rate of 90.5%.

Of those who completed the program evaluation forms:

  • 71.7% (109/152) of students were satisfied or very satisfied with the second experience. 13.1% (20/152) were disatisfied or very dissatisfied with the experience, while 14.5% (22/152) were undecided or neutral (1 student did not answer the question).
  • All 5 nursing students that completed the evaluation stated that they would recommend this experience to others. 1 nursing student stated that it should be made a mandatory experience for all nursing students.
  • 130 medical students who completed the program evaluation (88%) provided a response as to whether they would recommend the experience to other students. 78% (102/130) said they would recommend the experience to other students. 9% (12/130) said they would recommend the experience to others, but only as 1 experience. The 2nd experience should be optional. 12% (16/130) said they would not recommend this experience for the following reasons:
      • Most of the time was spent driving
      • They did not learn anything additional from the 1st placement
      • It was too time consuming
  • Medical students were asked if the second experience was necessary or beneficial. Of the 133 students (90%) that answered the question, 95 (71%) thought the experience was necessary and/or beneficial for the following reasons:
      • Opportunity to see another health profession
      • Second experience was better/different than the first
      • Opportunity to see more about scope of practice
      • Opportunity to see patient in a different setting
  • 29% (38/133) of students thought the second experience was neither necessary nor beneficial for the following reasons:
      • Redundant - didn't add anything extra from the first experience
      • Did not see enough patients
      • MF5 is too busy - had to miss lectures, etc.

The following open-ended questions were asked of all the students. Both nursing students and medical students provided similar answers:

"What did you like most about the experience?"

  • Seeing patient/learning challenges faced by patients (most popular answer)
  • Learning about the scope of practice of health professionals
  • Going to clients' homes
  • Shadowing a specific preceptor
  • Discussion (debriefing) with preceptor and fellow student
  • Seeing the value of home care/team base care
  • Learning about a specific skill/tool
  • Seeing the resources available in the community for patients

"How could we improve the experience?"

  • Minimize the amount of travel/distance (most popular answer)
  • Increase the variety of health professionals for students to shadow ("inadequare presentation of dieticians and SLPs")
  • Timing of the experience ("between MF2-MF4")
  • Only have one placement experience
  • Enable students to see more patients
  • Make the experience mandatory with nursing students/students from other health professions
  • More student briefing/notice/give lecture instead


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