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Fall Results - Clinician Focus Group

6 clinicians participated in a focus group in the winter of '09. The major themes that arose from the focus group discussion were as follows:

A) Challenges of Placement

-Pressure to take on students
-Scheduling ahead of time was difficult
-Placements altered how they scheduled clients in the Fall
-Role conflicts/busy
-Caseload not there because of cuts/client cancellations
-Variability in students-some really good, others not
-Some inappropriate behavior by students
-Struggle between teaching the students and providing client care
-Some visits were a write-off

B) Clinician Expectations

-Students are going to be professional/polite
-Students are going to be interested
-Students should have good knowledge base (should know about CACC and how the system works)
-Students should absorb everything told to them

C) Reasons for Taking on Students

-Part of the job
-Important to foster education
-Patients enjoyed interaction with students

D) Strategies/suggestions for future placements

-Debriefing/briefing sessions were helpful as they ensured students got the most of out of the session and enabled clinician to provide patient care uninterrupted
-Paid time for clinicians for briefing/debriefing sessions
-Advise students to prepare for placements better
-Have students determine 3 things they want out of the experience
-Clinicians wanted appreciation of their time-students should be encouraged to say thank you post visit.

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