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McMaster University

Douglas MacPherson


Associate Professor
Pathology and Molecular Medicine

14130 Creditview Road
Cheltenham, Ontario

Faculty Biography

Education and Professional Standing

  • FRCPC Medical Microbiology, 1985
  • MSc Clinical Tropical Medicine, University of London, 1982
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine, 1981
  • MD, McMaster University, 1978
  • BA Life Sciences, Queen's University, 1975


During the period 1985-2001, Dr. MacPherson was a member of the clinical Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology group in Hamilton, and provided services as the Director of the Regional Parasitology Laboratory, Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program, Director of the Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Clinic, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, and Director of the Travel and International Health Clinic, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation. During this time he also provided consultation services for provincial, national and international governments and agencies related to tropical medicine, parasitology, international health, and health management in emergency and disaster situations. His curriculum vitae contains over 250 peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Recently, he has provided professional services to the national health and immigration departments of the Government of Canada in quarantine; tropical and travel medicine; health emergency contingency planning and response; counter-terrorism coordination; public health information networking; and immigration and migration health.

Clinical Research

Multi-center prospective survey of adverse drug reactions to antimalarial drugs; Multi-center double-blinded, randomized treatment study in symptomatic patients with intestinal protozoa; Seroprevalence study, for vaccine preventable infections, in Canadian travellers; Seroprevalance study in Latin American Immigrants and refugees in Canada (Trypanosoma cruzi); Significance of free iron status in neonatal sepsis; Clinical association of non-pathogenic intestinal amoeba and urticaria; Risk behaviour survey for international travellers - tool development; Survey of parenteral exposures in International travellers; Serological survey for new infections due to Helicobacter pylori in international travellers; Prospective surveillance for new tuberculosis infections in Canadian travellers.

Laboratory Research

Inter-parasite correlations in enteric parasitology findings; Comparison of staining techniques in enteric parasitology; Diagnostic accuracy of three SAF preserved stool specimens compared to one pooled specimen; Multi-center study of inter-observer and intra-observer variability in diagnostic enteric parasitology; Fingerprinting of Toxoplasma gondii infections acquired during community associated outbreaks; Genetic fingerprinting and PCR identification of malaria isolates in Papua New Guinea; Development of PCR techniques in enteric protozoal infections (Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica/dispar).

Selected Publications

  • DW MacPherson, J Weekers, TF O’Rourke, C Stiles, D Gushulak. Health of displaced Albanian Kosovars in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Fitness to travel and health outcomes. Prehospit Disast Med 2002; 17: 53-58.
  • Blue Ribbon Committee on Bloodborne Parasitic Diseases. Can Com Dis Rep 2002; Volume: 28S3 • September 2002.
  • Gushulak BD, MacPherson DW. Migrants who visit friends and relatives: Travel medicine risks. in Travel & Epidemics. Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Travel Medicine (ECTM#). Ed. Walter Pasini. Published March 2003.
  • MacPherson DW, Kim P, Pardy G, Gushulak BD, Streiner DL. Death and other adverse outcomes in Canadian international travelers. in Travel & Epidemics. Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Travel Medicine (ECTM#). Ed. Walter Pasini. Published March 2003.
  • Labelle C, Bodie-Collins M, MacPherson DW.Evaluation of Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres in Canada. in Travel & Epidemics. Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Travel Medicine (ECTM#). Ed. Walter Pasini. Published March 2003.
  • Loeb M, MacPherson D, Barton M, Olde J. Implementation of the Canadian contingency plan for a case of suspected viral hemorrhagic fever. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2003; 24: 280-283.
  • Lapointe JM, DuignanPJ, Barr BC, Petrich AK, MacPherson DW, Gulland FM, Dubey JP. Meningoencephalitis associated with an unidentified apicomplexan protozoan in a Pacific harbor seal. J Parasitol. 2003; 89: 859-862.
  • MacPherson DW. Bio-terrorism – Health emergency preparedness and response. Paed Child Health 2003; 8: 93-96.
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