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Odette Boutross-Tadross


Associate Professor
Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Division: Anatomical Pathology

McMaster University
2N26 Health Sciences Centre
905-521-2100 ext. 76224

Odette Boutross-Tadross








Faculty Biography

Education and Professional Standing

FRCPC, Anatomical Pathology, 1991
MBBCh, Ain Shams University (Egypt)
MSc, Pathology, Queen's University, 1987


Research Focus

Dr. Boutross-Tadross is involved in research related to clinical pathology, with a main focus in breast and gynaecological pathology.

Breast Pathology Research

  • Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing project investigating a rare type of relatively recently described breast carcinoma for prevalence in the Hamilton region and its characterization.

Gynaecology Research

  • Individuals with endometriosis associated ovarian tumours
  • Special interest in markers of tumorogenesis in endometriosis associated ovarian tumours
  • Smooth muscle tumors; The investigation of prognostic implications and possible etiological factors
  • Involved with other members of the GYN pathology team in projects regarding vulvar carcinoma and serous endometrial carcinoma
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome research

Clinical Focus

As a Clinical Pathologist with training in cytology and a sub-specialization in gynaecology and breast pathology, Dr. Boutross-Tadross provides service through the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program, and focuses on all fields of surgical pathology. Currently, she also provides consultation for Cancer Care Ontario for breast and gynaelogical pathology

Academic Interests

Dr. Boutross-Tadross is actively involved in the Undergraduate (M.D.) and Postgraduate Medicine Educational Programs. In particular, she is the Coordinator for Pathology in the Undergraduate Medical Program Medical Foundations 2, and runs the Medical Foundations 2 Heads on Microscopy Practical Sessions.

Team Members

Dr. Warren Foster, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine; Several summer students; Other members of Gynaecology and Breast disease oncology team members

Selected Publications

  • Saleh, R., DaDamara,  P., Radhi, J., & Boutross-Tadross, O. (2005). Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the breast mimicking nodular sclerosing Hodgkin's lymphoma. The Breast Journal, 11(5) 353-354.
  • Foster, W.G., Boutross-Tadross, O., Young Lai, E.V., Hughes, C.L., & Wade, M.G. (2005). Mammary gland morphology in Sprague dawley rats following treatment with an organochlorine mixture in utero and neonatal genistein. Tox Sci, 77, 91-100.
  • Boutross-Tadross, O., Saleh, R., & Asa, S.L. (2007). Follicular variant papillary thyroid carcinoma arising in struma ovarii. Endocri Pathol, 18(3), 182.
  • Jeyanathan, M., Boutross-Tadross, O., Radhi, J., Semret, M., Bitton, A., & Behr, M.A. (2007). Visualization of Mycobacterium avium in Chron’s tissue by oil-immersion microscopy. Microbes and Infection, 9, 1567-1573.
  • Anger, D.L., Zhang, B., Boutross-Tadross, O., & Foster, W.G. (2007). Tyrosine Receptor Kinase B (TRK B) Protein Expression in the human endometrium. Endocrine, 31(2), 167-173.
  • Foster WG, Boutross-Tadross O, Wade MG, Younglai EV and Hughes CL. Genistein induced histopathological changes in the rodent mammary gland: implications for breast tumorigenesis. Toxicol Sci. 2004 Jan;77(1):91-100
  • Shariq, H, Boutross-Tadross O, Radhi J, Momar, N. New world cutaneous Leishmaniasis in a returning traveler. CMAJ, March 3003; 168(5): 590-591.
  • Goodman, DN, Boutross-Tadross O, Jong RA. Mammographic features of pure mucinous carcinoma of the breast with pathological correlation. Can Assoc Radiol J. 1995 Aug; 46(4): 296-301.
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