McMaster University

McMaster University

Larry Arsenault

, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Division: Anatomy

Integrated Microscopy Facilty

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Faculty Biography

Education and Professional Standing

  • PhD, Biology/Anatomy Dalhousie University, 1981
  • MSc, Biology, Acadia University, 1974


Dr. Arsenault is investigating various aspects of bone structure, growth and dynamics with the use of different ultrastructural imaging techniques. We are specifically interested in the nature of extracellular mineral formation and the manner in which the mineral becomes organized within collagen fibrils. In addition to bone, we have studied a variety of other calcifying tissues (growth plate, tendon, tooth enamel and dentin). Also, the micro-architecture of the bone vascular system is being studied by several different structural methods. A wide range of electron microscopic techniques are used: elemental analysis, cryogenic specimen preparation, image analysis, freeze fracture, immunolocalization.


Selected Publications

  • Arsenault AL, Lhotak S, Hunter WL, Banquerigo MLC, Brahn E. (2000) Taxol (Pacilitacel) Involution of articular cartilage destruction in collagen induced arthritis: An ultrastructural demonstration of an increased superficial chondroprotective layer. J Rheumatol 27:582-588.
  • Barfels M, Jiang XG, Heng YM, Arsenault AL, Ottensmeyer FP. (1998) Low energy electron microscopy of chromophores. Micron 29(2-3):97-104.
  • Arsenault AL, Lhotak S, Hunter WL, Banquerigo MLC, Brahn E. (1998) Taxol involution of collagen-induced arthritis: Ultrastructural correlation with the inhibition of synovitis and neovascularization. Clinical Immunol Immunopathol 86:280-289.
  • Jackson JK, Min W, Cruz TF, Cindric S, Arsenault AL, Von Hoff DD, Degan D, Hunter WL, Burt HM. (1997) A polymer-based drug delivery system for the antineoplastic agent BIS (maltolato) oxovanadium in mice. Br J Cancer 75(7):1014-1020.
  • Satio T, Arsenault AL, Yamuachi M, Kuboki Y, Crenshaw MA. (1997) Mineral induction by immobilized phosphoproteins. Bone 21(4):305-311.
  • Kohler DM, Crenshaw MA, Arsenault AL. (1995) Three-dimensional analysis of mineralizing turkey leg tendon: matrix vesicle - collagen relationships. Matrix Biol 14:543-592
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