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Jennifer Yost

Jennifer Yost
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
BScN (Villanova University), MSc in Nursing Education (New York University), PhD Nursing Research and Theory Development (New York University),
Post-Doctoral Fellowship (McMaster University)

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Dr. Yost joined the faculty of the School of Nursing in 2011 as an Assistant Professor, Tenure Track. She completed her Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the School of Nursing at McMaster University under the supervision of Donna Ciliska and Maureen Dobbins (2009-2011).


Dr. Yost’s program of research focuses on understanding strategies for evidence-informed decision making to promote knowledge translation in health care. Studies have included an evaluation of educational workshops for promoting evidence-informed decision making, an evaluation of the impact of KT strategies (including knowledge brokering and tailored messaging) in public health, and systematic reviews of the effectiveness of KT strategies to promote evidence-informed decision making among nurses in tertiary care and public health professionals.

Selected Grants

  • Principal Applicant: Dobbins, M. Co-Applicants: Decorby, K., Traynor, R., Yost, J. Getting the word out to public health: Sharing the results of the Partnerships for Health Systems Improvement project. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Dissemination Events. March, 2013 – February, 2014, $25,000 CDN.
  • Principal Applicant: Yost, J. Principal Knowledge User Partners: Burkoski, V., Lee, R. Co-Applicants: Ciliska, D., Dobbins, M., Ganann, R.L., McKibbon, A., Thompson, D. The effectiveness of knowledge translation interventions for promoting evidence-informed decision making among nurses in tertiary care: A systematic review. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Knowledge Synthesis Competition. October, 2012 – September, 2013, $98,915 CDN.
  • Principal Applicant: Dobbins, M. Co-Applicants: Decorby, K., Husson, H., Traynor, R., Yost, J. Tailored messaging and Delivering public health to decision makers. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Meetings, Planning, and Dissemination Grant: End of Grant Knowledge Translation (KT) Supplement. February, 2012 – January 2013, $100,000 CDN.
  • Principal Applicant: Dobbins, M. Knowledge User Partners: Kyle, R., Timmings, C., Ward, M., Cava, M., Clarke, C., Pietrusiak, M. Co-Applicants: Akhtar-Danesh, N., Jack, S., Kothari, A., Lemieux- Charles, L., McKibbon, K. A., Peirson, L., Sibbald, S., Yost, J. A Tailored, Collaborative Strategy to Develop Capacity and Facilitate Evidence-informed Public Health Decision Making. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Partnerships for Health Systems Improvement. January, 2010 – January, 2013, $350,000 CDN.

Courses Taught

Dr. Yost has been teaching the principles of research methods, critical appraisal, evidence-informed decision making and knowledge translation to students, faculty, and health care professionals since 2005. Within School of Nursing at McMaster University she teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Previously Dr. Yost was responsible for the revision of the Health Sciences 2S03: Introduction to Statistics for Nursing as the course planner and an instructor for the course.

Undergraduate Teaching

2014     BScN Program, McMaster University
            3C04: Research Appraisal and Utilization in Evidence Informed Decision Making.
            (Academic year 2014/2015)

Graduate Teaching

2014      NUR 712: Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Evidence-Based Health Care
             (Academic year 2014/2015)

Dr. Yost also coordinates the Canadian Centre for Evidence Based-Nursing in which she is a tutor for a week-long Evidence Informed Decision Making Workshop and responds to requests to teach workshops at organizations such as the University of Calgary, University of Alberta, and New York University. Through her affiliation with the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, she also teaches workshops for public health professionals throughout Canada and has been involved in the development and evaluation of the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools suite of evidence-informed decision making online learning modules (

Selected Publications

  • Yost, J., Dobbins, M., Traynor, R., DeCorby, K., Workentine, S., & Greco, L. (2014). Tools to support evidence-informed public health decision making. BMC Public Health April, 14:728. DOI:10.1186/1471-2458-14-728.
  • Yost, J., Thompson, D., Ganann, R., Aloweni, F., Newman, K., McKibbon, K., Dobbins, M., & Ciliska, D.  Knowledge translation strategies for enhancing nurses’ evidence-informed decision making: A scoping review. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 11(3), 156-167. DOI: 10.1111/wvn.12043.
  • Yost, J., Ciliska, D., & Dobbins, M. (2014). Evaluating the impact of an intensive education workshop on evidence-informed decision making knowledge, skills, and behaviours: A mixed methods study. BMC Medical Education, 14, 3. DOI:10.1186/1472-6920-14-13.
  • LaRocca, R., Yost, J., Dobbins, M., Ciliska, D., & Butt, M. (2012). The effectiveness of knowledge translation strategies used in public health: A systematic review. BMC Public Health 12, 751. DOI:10.1186/1471-2458-12-751.
  • Krainovich-Miller, B., Haber, J., Yost, J., & Jacobs, S. (2009). Evidence-based practice (EBP) challenge: Teaching critical appraisal of systematic reviews/meta-analyses and clinical practice guidelines in a master's program research course. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(4), 186-195. DOI: 10.3928/01484834-20090401-07.
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