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Patricia Helen Strachan

Patricia Strachan

Associate Professor, School of Nursing
BScN (McMaster), MSc (Guelph), PhD (McMaster)

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Dr. Patricia Strachan is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing. Following her doctoral studies she completed a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. She was a post-doctoral trainee with the FUTURE Program for Cardiovascular Nurse Scientists, a CIHR Strategic Training Initiative aimed to develop capacity of cardiovascular nurse scientists in Canada. Her clinical background is in emergency, intensive care and adult medical-surgical nursing. Dr. Strachan is a member of the Training Committee for Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) a Canadian National Center of Excellence initiative represents the Heart and Stroke Foundation on the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada.


Dr. Strachan’s research has broadly focused on patients with advanced chronic illness (specifically heart failure) and associated communication issues related to end-of-life planning and care. She is currently applying complexity science to research related to these concepts and in particular, an initiative to integrate a palliative approach to heart failure care. Dr. Strachan is interested in supporting the nurse’s role on inter-professional teams in relation to communication for end-of-life planning and care for this patient population.

Selected Grants

  • Strachan, P.H. Bridging Heart Failure and Hospice Palliative Care: Evaluation of the Heart Failure Palliative Approach to Care (HeFPAC) pocket guide for nurses. Hospice of Waterloo Region - HPC Consultation Services. 2014-2015, $5,000.
  • You, J., Ross, H.J., MacIver, J., Downar, J., Demers, C., Strachan, P.H., Fowler, R., Heyland, D., Day, A., Giannetti, N., Clarke, B., Zeiroth, S., Mielniczuk, L., Toma, M., Ducharme, A. Decision-making about goals of care for hospitalized patients with Heart Failure (DECIDE-HF). Heart and Stroke Foundation (Ontario Provincial Office).  July 2014-June 2015, $70,000/1 year.

  • Lingard, L., Arnold, M., Bates,J., Burge,F., Kimel, G., Marshall, D., McDougall, A., Schulz, V., Shadd, J., Stewart, M., Strachan, P.H., Tait, G., Palliative care on the heart failure care team: mapping patient and provider experiences and expectations. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 2012-2014. $116,024
  • Heyland, DK. (Scientific Director), Gramlich, L., Mourtzakis, M., Khursheed, J., Graham, T., Mutch, M., Duncan, A., Kutsogiannis, J., Pichora, D., Bryant, T., Tremblay, A., Rockwood, K., Bitritz, L., Newhouse, I., Fowler, R., Albert, M., Muscedere, J., Sinuff, T., Cook, D., Kumar, A., Dodek, P., Skrobik, Y., Meade, M., Lamontagne, F., Bagshaw, S., Cohen, R., Stajduhar, K., Kelley, M.L., Rodney, P., You, J., Johnson, A., Brazil, K., Strachan, P.H., Kryworuchko, J., Kozak, J.F., Heckman, G., Barwich, D., Taylor, C., Jones, K., McKee, M., Yeates, K., Krahn, M., Baxter, S., Stockley, D.. (2012[July]-2017). Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TECH VALUE NET). $23, 888, 157 (plus in-kind contributions $21,409,646).  Networks of Centres of Excellence. Role in grant: Co-applicant. Project member; Training Committee.
  • You, J., Heyland, D.K., Albert, M., Brazil, K., Day,A., Downar, J., Fowler, R., Ilan,R., Jayaraman, D., Kryworuchko, J., Lamontagne, F., Ma, I., Palepu,A., Roberts,D., Shik,D., Strachan, P.H. Decision-making about goals of care for hospitalized medical patients: a multicentre, mixed-methods study. The DECIDE Study. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 2012-2014. $157,908.
  • Strachan, P.H., Arthur, H.M., Carroll, S., Schwartz, L. Exploring patients’ decisions regarding implantable defibrillators for primary prevention. CIHR Operating Grant. 2008-2010, $ 91,979.

Courses Taught

Graduate Teaching

2014       NUR 700, Philosophical Basis of Nursing

Undergraduate Teaching

2014       BScN Program, McMaster University
             PBL, Problem Based Learning courses
             N2I05, Introduction to Professional Nursing
             N2V04, Nursing Concepts in Health & Illness for Basic Accelerated I
             4NR3, Nursing Research practicum students
             (Academic year, 2014/2015)

Selected Awards & Honours

  • Nursing Award (Oral Presentation). European Society of Cardiology, Heart Failure Congress 2008, Milan, Italy.

Selected Publications

  • Strachan, P.H., Joy,C., Costigan, J., Carter, N. (2014, Apr). Development of a practice tool for community-based nurses: The Heart Failure Palliative Approach to Care (HeFPAC). European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 13(2), 139-146. First published online before print on January 15, 2014. DOI: 10.1177/1474515113519522.

  • Strachan, P.H., Kaasalainen, S., Horton, A., Jarman, H., D-Elia, T., Van Der Horst, M., Newhouse, I, Kelley, ML., McCainey, C., McKelvie, R., Demers, C., Heckman, G. (2014). Managing heart failure in the long-term care setting: nurses' experiences in Ontario, Canada. Nursing Research, 63(5); 357-365. DOI: 10.1097/NNR.0000000000000049.

  • Strachan, P.H., Currie, K., Harkness, K., Spaling, M., Clark, A.M. (2014). Context matters in HF self-care: A qualitative systematic review. Journal of Cardiac Failure, 20(6), 448-455. Epub 2014 Apr 13. DOI: 10.1016/j.cardfail.2014.03.010. 

  • Clark, A.M., Spaling, M., Harkness, K., Spiers, J., Strachan, P.H., Thompson, D.R., Currie, K. (2014). Determinants of effective heart failure self-care: a systematic review of patients’ and caregivers’ perceptions. Heart, 100(9), 716–721. First Published Online Feb. 18, 2014. DOI:10.1136/heartjnl-2013-304852.
  • Strachan, P.H. (2013).  Mrs. Jones Can’t Breathe: Can a Resilience Framework Help? In E. Hollnagel, J. Braithwaite, R. Wears (Eds.). Resilient Healthcare. Hampshire, England: Ashgate Publishing. 
  • Strachan, P.H., Carroll, S.L., de Laat, S., Schwartz, L., Arthur, H.M. Patients’perspectives regarding end-of-life issues and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Journal of Palliative Care. (Accepted for publication).
  • Strachan, P.H. (2009). What do you say about risk? Heart, Jan; 96(1):7-8. Epub 2009 Sep 23 online.
  • Strachan, P.H., Ross, H., Rocker, G.M., Dodek, P.M., Heyland, D.K. for the Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network (CARENET) (2009). Mind the Gap: Opportunities for Improving End-of-Life Care for Patients with Advanced Heart Failure. The Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 25(11), 635-640.
  • Caldwell (Strachan), P.H., Arthur, H.M. (2009, Mar). The influence of a ‘culture of referral’ in rural settings influences access to care after myocardial infarction. Health and Place, 15 (1): 180-5.
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