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McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Newsmagazine — Volume 6, Issue 1, Spring 2012

Jackie Roberts and Elizabeth Crouch, Class of 1965, point to their photo

Nursing school marks 65 years of graduates

Henrietta Alderson
Henrietta Alderson

The School of Nursing celebrated 65 years of nursing graduates in May by unveiling the Henrietta Alderson Gallery of Graduates. The photographs of all the graduates stretches down a long hall in the centre of the school.

It was named for one of the school's first professors, Henrietta Alderson who was conscientious in ensuring the pictures of all the early graduates were collected. She, along with Alma Reid and Florence Greenaway, were the core faculty members who developed the five-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, which was later shortened to four years.

Alderson was the driving force in ensuring that students had a solid science base for the practice of nursing. She was a professor at the school from 1947 to 1975.

"We take great pride in the success of our graduates and it is special for us to be able to honour each and every one of them," said Catherine Tompkins, associate dean of health sciences, nursing and director of the nursing school. "It is fitting that we are naming this wall after Henrietta because she is an important part of our past, and I believe that only by paying tribute to those from our past, will we truly be able to appreciate our present and future, and how far we've come as a school."