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McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Newsmagazine — Volume 6, Issue 1, Spring 2012

Message from the Dean and Vice-President

John Kelton
John G. Kelton

The winter/spring of 2012 has been a time of significant achievement for the Faculty of Health Sciences. In this report, I will highlight some of these achievements, but once again, we have to thank citizens who have been instrumental in providing support to help us achieve this success.

On Feb. 6, Marta Boris, Jackie Work and Les Boris presented McMaster University and the Faculty of Health Sciences with a remarkable $30M gift on behalf of their family and their husband and father, the late Owen Boris.

A McMaster graduate and the former president and CEO of Mountain Cablevision Ltd., Owen Boris had been enthusiastic about the opportunity to develop a new and forward thinking out-patient ambulatory health-care clinic to serve our local citizens, but more importantly, to serve as a model for the next step in health care. The family has given $6 million to support its creation. The second major component of the remarkable gift was $24 million to support human stem cell research and in particular its direct application in the clinical areas of neurological disorders and disorders of the blood.

In upcoming issues of Network we will describe in greater detail how the Marta and Owen Boris Foundation's gift will impact not just McMaster University in Hamilton, but the province, Canada and the world. Other key milestones included a $20-million investment by the city of Hamilton toward the downtown McMaster Health Campus. These are but two of the many significant recent initiatives at McMaster.

The School of Nursing is making a significant difference in three of Hamilton's north and east end neighbourhoods, as it helps to identify and prioritize their health issues as part of an initiative called Health in the Hubs.  The intent is to build healthy, safe neighbourhoods for our families to live, work and play.

The school is continuing its tradition of aligning community education with service at local, national and international levels, by opening a new community site at the Perkins Centre in Hamilton. Nationally, the School of Nursing is leading a research program focused on improving the lives of cancer survivors.

At the School of Rehabilitation Science, associate professor Brenda Vrkljan is examining the challenges seniors face staying on the road. She has partnered with other researchers and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to produce a website on current provincewide practices regarding medically at-risk and older drivers.  The Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine has completed its undergraduate expansion, but further growth is expected at the postgraduate level with more than 70 residents anticipated to be added to the current 885 residency positions over the next several years.  Meanwhile, Canada Research Chairs were received by professors Tim Whelan, Sonia Anand and Brian Coombes.  Within the partner hospitals, the Faculty's Department of Oncology in partnership with Hamilton Health Sciences created the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute, with a particular focus on applied research.

Furthermore, our students continued to set the bar with remarkable achievements as Bachelor of Health Sciences student Sheiry Dhillon was selected as one of the two Rhodes scholars from Ontario.

The excellence of the Faculty is also noted externally with McMaster recently ranking second in Canada and 16th in the world in the international ranking of post-secondary institutions offering clinical, pre-clinical and health programs as compiled by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of the UK.

I hope you enjoy reading about these accomplishments and the updates on our alumni in this issue.

Signature of John Kelton

John G. Kelton, MD
Dean and Vice-President
Faculty of Health Sciences