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McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Newsmagazine — Volume 5, Issue 2, Fall 2011

FHS Alumni: Where are they now?


Jonathan Kronick

Jonathan Kronick, MD ’78, PhD ’79

Jonathan Kronick has received the 2011 Michel Weber Education Award from the Canadian Pediatric Society. The award recognizes a member who has had a significant impact in medical and/or interprofessional education. Kronick earned his MD in 1978 and his PhD in medical sciences a year later. As chair of pediatrics at Dalhousie University for two terms, Kronick oversaw the department and created an environment for students, faculty and staff to thrive. His career achievements include leading the revision of the Royal College Objectives of Training in Pediatrics and the development of the Royal College's new pediatric certification examination. He says his greatest accomplishment is raising a wonderful family. 


Lynn McCleary

Lynn McCleary, BScN '84, M.Sc. '96

After graduating from McMaster's BScN program in 1984, Lynn McCleary worked for the Hamilton General Hospital before returning to McMaster to earn her master's degree in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics in 1996. She continued her education at the University of Toronto and earned her PhD from the Faculty of Social Work. She then moved to the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care where she began research about dementia care and family caregiving. McCleary now works as an associate professor of nursing at Brock University. She is a member of the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE), working to improve the care given to older Canadians by holding knowledge exchange institutes. The institutes support enhanced gerontological content in nursing, social work and medical education, a growing area of need in Canada's aging society.


Shirin Aghili

Shirin Aghili, B.H.Sc. (Midwifery) '97

Shirin Aghili studied biology at McMaster before graduating with the second midwifery class at McMaster in 1997. She now works at St Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and is coming to the end of her term as the inaugural head of service for midwifery. In this role, Aghili was able to negotiate with the anesthetists, with great support from the chief of obstetrics and head of family medicine obstetrics, and now midwives can assist with anesthesiology and have a full scope of practice. She has also been able to remain a full-time midwife with The Hamilton Midwives as well as tutor for the McMaster midwifery program, both at the practical and academic level. She plans to continue providing care to women and helping students learn the practice.

Colleen Cupido

Colleen Cupido, BPE '91, B.H.Sc. (PT) '93, M.Sc. '10

After Colleen Cupido earned her physiotherapy degree in 1993, she went to work in private practice. Five years later she returned to McMaster to create a centre of excellence in clinical care, education and research in sport medicine and orthopedics as clinic manager of the David Braley Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre.  Cupido is a sport-certified physiotherapist with Sport Physiotherapy Canada. She is also an assistant clinical professor in the McMaster School of Rehabilitation Science. Cupido completed her M.Sc. in kinesiology in 2010. Her thesis focused on the effects of massage therapy after exhaustive endurance exercise.


Maureen Taylor

Maureen Taylor, B.H.Sc. (Physician Assistant) '10

Maureen Taylor enrolled into the first Physician Assistant (PA) Program at McMaster after 25 years as a journalist, most recently as the CBC TV's national medical reporter. She now works as a PA at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in emergency medicine. Taylor says that McMaster prepared her for the medical field through problem-based learning, which has helped her continue to learn as she grows in her field, as well as given her the confidence to pursue new opportunities. Taylor is thankful to McMaster for being open-minded with its applicants and giving her a chance to begin a new career and make lifelong friends. In the future, she may consider moving from emergency medicine into obstetrics and gynecology.

Barbara Tatham

Barbara Tatham, B.H.Sc. '09, M.Sc. (PT) '11

After completing her B.H.Sc. in 2009, Barbara Tatham, 24, was accepted into McMaster's M.Sc. in physiotherapy program and graduates this November. She was attracted to the B.H.Sc. program for its reputation and promise of preparing her for a career in health care. She moved into physiotherapy because of the ability to build strong relationships with patients and see the value of her work. With an open mind and appreciation of the lifelong learning skills she acquired at McMaster, Tatham is prepared to take any opportunity that comes her way. Her next one begins in August when she enrols in the McMaster MD program.