Transfusion Medicine

Goals & Objectives

The goal of our training program is to provide the trainee with a solid foundation in both clinical and laboratory Transfusion Medicine. The specific objectives are tailored to meet the Competency Training Requirements (CTR) for the Area of Focused Competence (Diploma) in Transfusion Medicine as set out by the Royal College. By the end of the program, trainees are expected to demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes for ethical and effective patient-centered care, and to have a foundation for the pursuit of learning and research in Transfusion Medicine.

The trainee will acquire in-depth knowledge of key aspects of Transfusion Medicine including donor testing, blood product manufacturing, quality, serology, pre-transfusion testing, blood product utilization, transfusion reactions, surveillance, recalls and withdrawals, policy and basic immunology.   Blood conservation methods, neonatal requirements and pregnancy-related Transfusion issues will be emphasized.  Ethical and legal issues, managerial skills and advocacy are highlighted through the program.

The graduating trainee is expected to be able to accurately convey relevant information and explanations to patients and their families, colleagues, and other professionals; to effectively collaborate within the healthcare team; to exhibit management skills pertinent to the supervision of Transfusion Medicine laboratories; to demonstrate a commitment to self-directed learning; to critically evaluate scientific information and facilitate the education of colleagues, students,  and other healthcare workers; and to practice in an ethical and professional manner.

Detailed Goals and Objectives for each rotation can be found here:

  1. Obstetrical, Pediatric and General Transfusion Rotation, Goals and Objectives
  2. Trauma, Surgery Transfusion Rotation, Goals and Objectives
  3. Stem Cell Rotation, Goals and Objectives
  4. Special Populations in Transfusion Medicine Rotation, Goals and Objectives
  5. Blood Centre Operations Rotation, Goals and Objectives
  6. Research Rotation Objectives
  7. Elective Rotation Objectives