Dr. Shyam Maharaj

Division of Respirology

Shyam Maharaj

RPh, BSc Pharm, M. Phil (Pharmacology), PhD (Medical Sciences)

Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct), Division of Respirology, Department of Medicine

Clinical Pharmacist, St Joseph’s HealthCare Hamilton






Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Maharaj is a Clinical Pharmacist at St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton, an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor with the Department of Medicine at McMaster University, a Clinical Preceptor for the University of Waterloo and Examiner for the undergraduate Pharmacy programs at University of Waterloo (bridging program) and the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine campus. He trained as a Pharmacist and subsequently obtained his Master of Philosophy in Pharmacology at UWI. He pursued his PhD in Medical Sciences at McMaster University and is an alumnus of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research DSECT program.

Research Interests

Dr. Maharaj’s research focus is the adverse outcomes of medication therapy. His PhD research examined potential contributors to lung fibrosis including the pulmonary toxicity of some medications. His current Pharmacy Practice focuses on Geriatric Medicine; he is actively involved in projects aimed at improving safe prescribing practices and assessing the impact of polypharmacy on the senior population.   

Selected Publications

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