Dr. Andrew Gomez-Vargas

Division of Neurology

Andrew Gomez-Vargas


Assistant Professor, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine,
McMaster University





Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Gomez-Vargas is a graduate of the National University of Colombia and received his Neurology Fellowship at McMaster University. Then he trained at the Neuromuscular Clinic with Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky as a Neuromuscular specialist. He is enrolled in the Clinical Investigator Program at McMaster University and he is completing his basic training in Neurosciences. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine. He does general adult neurology based out of St. Joseph Hospital and has specialized clinics in Neuromuscular conditions. He has a special interest in neurological autoimmune disorders.

Current Research

  • Gene therapy for neuromuscular dsorders like Pompe disease.
  • Gene therapy for Alzheimer disease.

Selected Publications

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