Key Contacts

AFP Analyst

Graeme Matheson
905.521.2100 X 76724

For any changes in AFP membership status - Leave of Absence, Sabbatical, Resignation, Parental Leave - please contact Graeme Matheson.

Department of Medicine

Alternate Funding Plan (AFP)

McMaster Medicine Associates

Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) Phase III Executive Committee

Dr. M. Crowther, President Dr. Arthur Lau Dr. David Morgan
Dr. Barry Lumb Dr. Gerard Cox Dr. Cindy Hamielec
Dr. Alistair Ingram Dr. Andreas Freitag Dr. Craig Ainsworth
Dr. Ameen Patel Dr. Ally Prebtani Ms. Annette Rosati
Dr. Jeffrey Weitz Dr. Mike Cyr Mr. Graeme Matheson

On June 15, 2017, the Department of Medicine’s Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) annual general meeting was held in the beautiful Bayview Room of the David Braley Health Science Centre. Annual budgets as well as current issues in Academic Health Sciences within Hamilton were discussed. Please find below from photos from the evening’s gala event.



Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) Phase III  Financial Management Committee (FMC)

Dr. Andy Freitag, Chair

Elected Member Representing
Dr. Jeff Healey Cardiology
Dr. Paul Keith Clinical Immunology
Dr. Dan Perri Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Andy Freitag Critical Care
Dr. Hermenio Lima Dermatology
Dr. Doug Richards Emergency Medicine
Dr. Will Harper Endocrinology
Dr. Dave Morgan Gastroenterology
Dr. Jenny Legassie General Internal Medicine
Dr. David Cowan Geriatrics
Dr. Peter Gross Hematology
Dr. Martha Fulford Infectious Diseases
Dr. Karen To Nephrology
Dr. Wes Oczkowski Neurology
Dr. Amit Singnurkar Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Ryan Williams Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Andrew McIvor Respirology
Dr. Tulio Scocchia Rheumatology
Ms. Annette Rosati  
Mr. Graeme Matheson