Division of Hematology & Thromboembolism

Residency Training Committee

The Hematology Residency Training Program is a collaborative effort, guided by the Director of the Hematology Residency Training Program, the Division Director, and the Residency Training Program Committee. This committee assists the Program Director in the planning, organization and supervision of the Hematology Residency Training Program.


  1. The Hematology Residency Training Program meets regularly, at least quarterly, at the call of the Program Director.
  2. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring that minutes of each meeting are maintained and circulated to Committee members, the Division Director, and the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program Director.
  3. The Residency Training Program is responsible for the tasks outlined below:
      • Development of a program plan based on the following Royal College documents: “Specialty Training Requirements in Hematology”, “Specific Standards of Accreditation for Residency Programs in Adult Hematology”, and the “Objectives of Training in Hematology”. The plan includes a general statement of the Program goals and objectives; the role played by each Rotation and each participating institution in achieving the Program’s overall goals and objectives, as well as each of the CanMEDS-specific Objectives of Training in Hematology; the generation of Rotation-specific objectives based on the subspecialty’s CanMEDS competencies published in the “Objectives of Training in Hematology”; and the methods by which the outlined objectives are to be achieved.
      • Conduct of the program (including rotation of the Residents) to ensure that each Resident is advancing and gaining in experience and responsibility in accordance with the educational plan.
      • Selection of Residents for admission to the Program.
      • Ensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms for career planning and counseling for Residents, as well as for dealing with Resident psychological stress.
      • Assessment of the performance of each Resident, including the Final Evaluation at the end of the Program, as required by the Royal College.
      • Evaluating the performance of teaching faculty.
      • Maintenance of an appeal mechanism in accordance with the policies determined by the Faculty of Health Science’s Postgraduate Education Committee.
      • Conducting an annual review of the Program to ensure that maximal benefit is being achieved from each of the components of the Program and from the operation of the Program as a whole. This review includes: (i) an assessment of each component of the Program to ensure that educational objectives are being met; (ii) an assessment of resource allocation to ensure that resources and faculty are being utilized with optimal effectiveness; and (iii) an assessment of teaching in the Program, including in non-Medical Expert CanMEDS competencies (including but not limited to biomedical ethics, medicolegal considerations, and administrative/management issues). The opinions of the Residents are to be considered in this review.
      • Fostering Resident research.
      • Assisting the Program Director in completing the Pre-Survey Questionnaire prior to Royal College Surveys and Faculty of Health Sciences Internal Reviews.
      • Assisting the Program Director in the selection of the Chief Hematology Resident, Rotation Supervisors, Site Representatives, Residency Mentorship Coordinator, and External Program Ombudsperson.
      • Assisting the Division Director in the selection of the Program Director. 



Dr. Wendy Lim

Chair; Site Coordinator, St. Joseph's Healthcare; Rotation Supervisor, Junior Attending, Elective and Longitudinal Clinic

Ms. Nancy Heddle

Rotation Supervisor, Transfusion Medicine

Dr. Kylie Lepic

Rotation Supervisor, Bone Marrow Transplantation

Dr. Deborah Marcellus

Site Coordinator, Juravinski Hospital;
Rotation Supervisor, Inpatient Malignant Hematology;
Rotation Supervisor, Outpatient Malignant Hematology Clinics

Ms. Karen Moffatt

Site Coordinator, McMaster University Medical Centre; Rotation Supervisor, Hemostasis and Coagulation

Dr. Menaka Pai

Site Coordinator, Hamilton General Hospital; Rotation Supervisor, Consultative Hematology, Thrombosis 2

Dr. Mike Trus

Rotation Supervisor, Cell Diagnostics 1 and 2

Dr. Madeline Verhovsek

Rotation Supervisor, Red Cell Disorders

Chief Resident, Hematology

The Chief Resident is appointed by the Residency Program Committee annually. This position is held by a senior resident in the program. Additional responsibilities including academic and teaching activities.

Elected Resident Representative

A resident representative (separate from the Chief Resident) is elected by the Hematology Residents to represent their interests on the Residency Program Committee.