Division of General Internal Medicine

R. Brian Haynes

OC, MD (Alberta), MSc (McMaster), PhD (McMaster), FRCPC, FACMI, MACP

Academic Interests

Current research interests are primarily in knowledge translation research and medical informatics, focused on ways to improve medical care through improving the dissemination and application of validated medical care knowledge. Of particular interest are studies of the nature of information problems that afflict practitioners, patients, the public and policy makers, and trials of potential solutions from information technology (online databases, expert systems, and computer-aided quality improvement).

Clinical interests are in diabetes care, cardiovascular risk management, quality improvement and computerized clinical decision support.

Current Graduate Students
Rebecca Jeffery, MSc
Thomas Agoritsas, MSc
Recent Graduate Students
Brian Hemens, MSc
Pavel Roshanov, MSc

Selected Publications

  1. Montori VM, Wilczynski NL, Morgan D, Haynes RB for the Hedges Team. Optimal search strategies for retrieving systematic reviews from MEDLINE: an analytical survey. BMJ 2005;330:68-73.
  2. McKinlay RJ, Cotoi C, Wilczynski NL, Haynes RB. Systematic reviews and original articles differ in relevance, novelty, and use in an evidence-based service for physicians. J Clin Epidem 2008;61:449-54
  3. Jeffery R, Navarro T, Lokker C, Haynes RB, Wilczynski NL, Farjou G. How Current Are Leading Evidence-Based Medical Texts? An Analytic Survey of Four Online Textbooks. J Med Internet Res 2012;14(6):e175
  4. McKibbon KA, Lokker C, Keepanasseril A, Colquhoun H, Haynes RB, Wilczynski NL. WhatisKT wiki: a case study of a platform for knowledge translation terms and definitions--Descriptive analysis. Implementation Sci 2013;8:13 http://www.implementationscience.com/content/8/1/13.
  5. Roshanov P, Fernandes N, Wilczynski JM, Hemens BJ, You JJ, Handler SM, Nieuwlaat R, Souza NM,  Beyene J, Van Spall HGC, Haynes RB for the Working Group on Determinants of CCDSS Success. Features of effective computerized clinical decision support. BMJ 2013;346:f657 (12 pages) http://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f657.